What does a semicolon tattoo mean

Tattoo semicolon

Tattoo semicolon meaning

Tattoo with a comma is a symbol that tells about the heartache experienced by a person. People who do tattoos know their meaning well, and a comma tattoo is a good way to talk about your painful experience. This is a powerful message that strengthens hope, solidarity and victory.

The symbol of infinite tattoo represents unlimited possibilities, endless love and renewal.

The infinity symbol is a powerful and popular tattoo design that can represent various personal meanings. People who believe in reincarnation often choose this concept as a reminder that their soul never dies and will be reincarnated at the end of each life cycle. The tattoo of this symbol can help you keep your faith in eternal life and rebirth, and also serve as a reminder of the power with which you must move in difficult times.

Another point-to-point tattoo value is an infinite symbol that is a great choice for celebrating a relationship or friendship. He is inspired by a Celtic work that has a deep symbolism associated with the bonds between two people. It also represents the rebirth and life of souls in time.

Semicolon is the symbol of hope

The comma tattoo is a beacon of hope for people with mental health problems. It draws peoples attention to mental health problems and helps prevent suicide. Her message is simple but powerful, and is used in tattoos by many people to promote mental health and prevent suicide. The semicolon is a universal symbol, and her message of hope can be used by anyone suffering from depression, addiction, or mental illness. Amy Bluel, founder of the Semicolon project, turned this punctuation mark into a social symbol to help those in need.

The Point with a comma project is a global mental health awareness campaign and fund-raising for mental health organizations. Suicide is a global epidemic, with one person dying of suicide every 40 seconds. To educate the public, Amy Bluel created a tattoo that symbolizes hope and encourages people to seek help. The tattoo is small enough that it can be placed on almost any part of the body.

Semicolon is a solidarity symbol

A comma-shaped tattoo, a symbol of solidarity, has a special meaning for those suffering from depression and other mental illness. Designed by Amy Bluel, the tattoo is a reminder that someone from the outside is fighting the same battle. She was inspired by her fathers suicide ten years ago. She also fought against mental illness and after her fathers death became a supporter of suicide prevention.

Comma tattoo is a very popular choice for people with mental illness. The simple appearance of the tattoo contradicts its deep meaning. In the past, people have worn tattoos to demonstrate solidarity and support for people struggling with mental illness.

Semicolon is the winning symbol

Semicolon tattoo can symbolize victory. It is a short and broken symbol that means victory. You can tattoo a period with a wrist, bicep, caviar or back. There are many colors and textures that can be used for your semicolon. You can also add a crown to make the effect even more exciting.

Semicolon tattoos are particularly popular among writers and artists. Those struggling with depression can benefit from this tattoo because it prevents a person from thinking about dark thoughts. In addition, you can make a tattoo in the form of a comma, which symbolizes a sentence, mantra or quotation. It can symbolize strength, courage and victory.

Semicolon tattoo variants and their designation

Semicolon butterfly tattoo meaning

 The semicolon appears in the form of the body of a butterfly, the outline of whose wings has heterogeneous, free lines. This tattoo tells us a romantic nature that stands at a crossroads. If the outline of the wings is clear, the lines are one thickness, then the personality has a solid character. However, she is also able to experience romantic feelings, from which she often suffers. Elegant butterfly lines emphasize the refined taste of her owner. The image on the inside of the bicep suggests a possible unconventional orientation of a person who often encounters unrequited love.  

Semicolon and heart

The tattoo element, made in the form of a heart and stuffed behind the ear, symbolizes a romantic nature that does not like to expose feelings. Depression in the case of mainly associated with love moaning. The semicolon symbol is depicted on the right hand and has two colors reminiscent of card suits. This can mean gambling. This tattoo is usually chosen by carefree people who love adventures and love intrigues. If a semicolon is placed on the open part of the body and is executed in bright colors, the person wearing it, experiences a lack of attention. It is most often chosen by people suffering from misunderstanding. They need comfort and friendly support.

Semicolon and cat

The placement of the drawing on the wrist, where the pulse is heard, indicates that its meaning is connected to the heart. The seal symbolizes the mind. When combined with a comma, the image means that its owner is at a crossroads between the call of heart and mind. Using a picture of a cat with a bow, the tattoo owner is clearly trying to encrypt the initial semicolon value. The man who wears such an image will open his heart only to those who understand his true nature.

Tattoo in the style of watercolor butterfly with a semicolon dot body

The tattoo of a butterfly with a semicolon dot painted with bright colors symbolizes the person who loves life. However, at the same time, he often receives emotional shocks. A butterfly hiding under flowers means the loss of a loved one, love, joy. Flowers themselves are a symbol of joy, but combined with a semicolon is a sign of sadness and heavy memories. Black butterfly, wrapped in flames, a symbol of survival in a harsh world for man. It is a sensitive nature that is sensitive to joy and disappointment.

Tattoo Infinity sign and semicolon

The semicolon design, which is part of the sign of infinity, is a symbol of the fact that a person walks in a circle. He sometimes experiences confusion, depression and internal conflict.

Heartbeat with semicolon

The sign of the cardiogram, which ends with the heart and is supplemented with a semicolon, indicates the love of its host. Love for this person is of great importance in life, but often brings him pain and disappointment. Complex symbol: inside the unfinished heart there is a ball and an important date for a person. The drawing is underlined with a cardiogram. This tattoo is a reflection of romantic experiences accompanied by pain from the loss of a loved one who passed away.

Semicolon and cross

The semicolon and the cross denote the spiritual development to which man has dedicated his life. The word Strenght in the center means power, superiority, power. For the bearer of this tattoo, spiritual growth is his personal path, which gives him hope and strength to move on.

Semicolon as a dragonfly

Dragonflies, like dragonflies, symbolize speed, courage, strength and endurance. However, even people with this set of qualities can experience longing and be at a crossroads, as the semicolon in the center of the drawing says. Tattooing a brush really hurts. The person who decides to do so wants to declare to the world his endurance and fortitude, which is confirmed by the dragonfly with a dot and a comma in the center.

Semicolon Flower shaped

The picture is stuffed in a very sensitive place, hidden from the eyes of most. Rose means a passionate nature, which is easily immersed in a romantic relationship. But a semicolon stem tells us that a person is either at a crossroads in this relationship or is experiencing a loss from ending it. Sunflower with a chemical formula of serotonin inside instead of HN symbols having a semicolon, speaks of a cheerful nature. Man can receive both pleasure from life and pain as consequences.

Semicolon With bird image

Hummingbird means freedom. Combined with a semicolon, it is a symbol of overcoming obstacles and eternal forward movement. The choice of bright colors characterizes the tattoo bearer as a dreamy nature.

Semicolon As an arrow

The arrow tattoo is worn by a determined individual. However, the semicolon within often interrupts his journey to rethink his goal.

Semicolon rainbow dot

Rainbow colors, wrapping a semicolon, say that a person is dreamy, positive. But he is devoid of heartache, as evidenced by the drawing on his wrist.

Musical meaning

The violin key and note are a symbol of musical creativity. In this case, the semicolon is an encrypted message for those who are also able to understand the romance of sadness. Another interpretation of the note and comma in the form of a small and concise tattoo. The wearer of this drawing is moderately prone to depression and creative impulses.

Semicolon Colorful tattoo

The semicolon symbol is hidden in an unrevealed bud. A person with such a tattoo is in that phase of life when he chooses his life path. The combination of cold and warm colors speaks of a balanced personality, which still has to struggle with depression, loneliness. The forearm pattern is more for men because it symbolizes courage and power. Cold drops from the semicolon indicate melancholy of the tattoo holder. Man is clearly prone to depressive states, often depressed, but the final point in his life is not ready to put.

White semicolon tattoo

White ink, barely visible on light skin, means a secretive person who does not like unwanted attention. This symbol is only for the tattoo holder, as a reminder of the transience of life.

A small tattoo

The subtle tattoo may indicate a commitment to the semicolon project - without further ado. This option is suitable for people who do not want to publicly disclose their feelings. The same classic option is for people who are struggling with loneliness, depression, suicidal tendencies and give themselves another chance. The meaning of the tattoo will understand only someone who has the same pattern on his body.

Semicolon with lotus flower

The official meaning of the lotus is silence and oblivion. When combined with a semicolon, the image can symbolize a hidden nature that makes its own decisions without relying on others opinions. The black-and-white lotus, flowing in with a drop, speaks of a melancholy character. The man who wears that tattoo loves silence and solitude.

Maca flower tattoo with comma

The phoenix bird was originally a symbol of rebirth, it rose from the ashes. And then the dot crumbles into ashes, from which a flock of birds emerges. The man with the tattoo overcame a difficult period in life and came out victorious. Gothic interpretation of the semicolon, where the phoenix just begins its journey, turning into ash. The tattoo with this symbol speaks of a man who only becomes on the path of deep cognition of life.

Tattoo feather and semicolon

The ciphered semicolon on the pixel pattern of the pen indicates a tendency to seek a spiritual beginning in life. The man with the symbol is a freedom-loving seeker. The bright, colorful pen with dripping ink, turning into a semicolon, indicates that not all sections of a persons life are still written. Only a strong personality can have this drawing.

Flowers and butterflies

The anchor that prevents the heart from flying into the sky speaks of the solid foundation of man. Even if a person is now in a state of depression, he will definitely find a way out of a difficult situation.


The semicolon of the sun - Sol Invictus (Lat. The Invincible Sun) - is a reminder to a man in depression that everything is not lost. This is the light that guides the artist through the dark time of his life. Another interpretation of the Invincible Sun is the execution of its images in the rainbow sky. This tattoo could mean that your friends were there for you in the darkest of times when no one else was. The invincible sun and the quote Heaven Can Wait - a reminder to a man prone to suicide that death awaits each of us and is not worth rushing to it.

Quote “just breathe”

The quote just breathe in conjunction with the semicolon says that when all the paths have already been tried, it remains only to breathe, to enjoy the world around. The person who wears that tattoo probably gave himself the opportunity to let go of the situation and just live. The wrist tattoo is a brief reminder that life is in every breath. Survivors of suicide attempts often mark this symbol.

Semicolon With its unique quote

The motivational slogan, the short quote is a reminder to yourself. The semicolon at the end of the text emphasizes the unfinished phrase as the unfinished life. John Lennon quoted let it happen in the picture. A male version of a quote or one word reflecting a persons character and life intentions. And here the word Fight (fight) underlines the desire of its bearer to overcome lifes difficulties.

Where to get a semicolon tattoo

Semicolon on the wrist

The butterfly on the pulse means that a man who has gone through a difficult period in a relationship has been able to spread his wings. The semicolon in this case means that he continues to live on. A more concise option for a restrained person. The owner of the tattoo shows that despite all the difficulties, he allowed the butterfly to open its wings.

Semicolon On finger

The tattoo on the finger indicates a past event. The semicolon is a reminder of a complex ending period.

Semicolon On the hand

The image on the right hand for the bearer of the tattoo is serif. The semicolon reminds a man of the unfinished business of this life that there is always something to strive for even in a critical situation.

Semicolon Behind the ear

Tattoo behind the ear is originally female. The bearer herself does not see her and, if necessary, can hide her hair. This is a message for someone important in life who will pay attention to this part of the body. A brighter interpretation where the semicolon is encrypted with a pattern and a pen. The movements followers thus make it clear to each other that they need help.

Semicolon Around the neck

The neck pattern suggests a risk taker whos not afraid to make decisions. The symbol is supported by a quote from My Story Is Not Over, emphasizing the determination to move on.

What does a semicolon tattoo mean?

In fact, a semicolon is not an ordinary punctuation, it has a deep history. In 2013, the father of young Amy Bluel committed suicide in 2013. As a sign of grief, she decided to create a symbol in his honor, signifying unfinished. Amy got a tattoo on her hand - an image with a quote from Love endlessly; purpose for the pain, launching a social movement online with a hashtag. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world supported the project, also making themselves tattooed with a semicolon in different interpretations of the body. By this they made it clear that they are also experiencing a period of pause, reflection and sorrow for a loved one. Sometimes this symbol is a call for help for those who cannot handle the inner pain.

Why is the semicolon the symbol of depression and anxiety?

The semicolon tells us that the point in the history of human life has not yet been reached. He is now at a crossroads, deciding what to do next. The tattoo on the wrist, neck or any other part of the body may exceed any ornament-symbol that serves as a reminder. The drawing means that the person is depressed, has anxiety, needs psychological support from friends and society. People who have attempted suicide get this tattoo for themselves as a reminder that there is always a sequel, no matter how hopeless the situation may seem at the moment. The Point With Comma project also supports people whose health has been impaired due to psychological trauma, suffering from bipolar disorders causing self-harm (selfharms) and suffering from other mental diseases.

Where better to get that tattoo?

Men and women choose different body parts to tattoo a semicolon. Girls prefer tender places, for example, wrist, area behind the ear, chest, neck, thumb. Guys choose more prominent places - shoulder, forearm, tibia, hip or caviar.

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