Why is my hair so tangled after washing?

Why do hair get confused? This is probably a big issue for women and girls. After all, a beautiful hairstyle can be easily spoiled by the slightest breeze. And to comb tangled hair is very difficult. They are damaged, broken, cleaved, ugly and messy.

What can you do to keep your hair right?

Hair is very confused if they are dry and brittle. The causes have to be found and, if possible, eliminated. In general, this is because of health problems or poor capillary care.

If you have beautiful long hair, but at the same time are constantly confused and bundled into tangles, do not rush to cut them. After all, although they will grow anyway, it can take a very long time. A short haircut, though easy to clean, can never match the beauty of long hair.

So that the hair is not confused, cut the edges. So you can upgrade the haircut and the hair length will be nearly the same. In addition, the hair will be much less confused, because if the visited ends are not, they will have nothing to cling to.

Do not walk long with your hair down. Yes, it is beautiful. But it is very impractical. So they are easily confused, particularly if this version of the hairstyle you use every day. With a long hair you can do anything. And it doesnt have to be a banal ponytail or a goose or an old-fashioned braid. There are very beautiful weavings that look very trendy and stylish. You can choose a beautiful weave for any style.

So that the hair does not mix up during the sleep, preferably from the evening braid them in a light and uncomplicated braid. This will avoid tangle and make it easier to comb in the morning. However, this can only be done if you are not going out the next day with your hair down. After all, they will be a little wavy, which in some cases may just not be acceptable.

How to comb a hair that is very tangled?

How to comb very tangled hair? It needs to be done slowly and carefully. You can divide the locks into separate strands, which will make painting easier. Start this process with the tips, gradually combing the curls for the entire length.

It is not advisable to use massage plastic and metal brushes. It is preferable to use combs made from natural materials - silks, wood, bone. Natural rays do not build up statically and do not contribute to the appearance of knots at the ends of the strands. To comb the curls you need to take a comb with very rare and long teeth. Preferably, if the teeth are treated and not too pointed.

If you do not easily comb the curl, you can use a special tool for easy combing. It can be an express spray or balm. It is applied to the area of the loop and after a few minutes, the strands disentangle easily and without pain.

What can you do to make your hair less confused?

In order not to think of how to comb very tangled hair, you must take all possible measures to avoid this.First and foremost, they must be properly cared for. To do this, you need to take regular care of your hair, periodically make nutritious and hydrating masks.

It is necessary to choose the right shampoo. It must be high quality and from natural raw materials. The head must be washed in the shower so that water drains from the back of the head towards the shoulder blades. It is undesirable to tilt your head above the bathroom or the pelvis, because the hair is so confused. After washing the head, some balm or conditioner should be applied to the latches. This will greatly facilitate combing and will not allow damage to the structure.

You can not rub your hair with a towel, so they become even more tangled. You can remove excess moisture through light wet motions. Scratching wet locks is impractical. It is advisable that they dry first, and the strands can be carefully disassembled by hands, so that they do not stick in different directions. If possible, the hair should dry naturally. It is undesirable to use a hairdryer for this, as it dries them up even more.

Hair gets confused if you apply varnishes, mousses, foams and other fixtures on them every day. To the extent possible, their use should be eliminated or at least temporarily limited.

It is not necessary to paint the curls too often, especially to lighten them. They seriously dry out hair structure, making it brittle and brittle. Take a break so your hair can regenerate.

Folk remedies for improving combing

If the hair is very muddled, you can use old popular methods to cure the strands, making them smooth, shiny and healthy:

1.  Gelatin. In the 3rd art. l. cold water need to dissolve 1 art. l. gelatin, heat the water bath and add 2-3 art. l. of any vegetable oil. The resulting mixture is applied to the entire length of the strands and left for 30 minutes. After that, the mask is washed with hot water and conditioner.

2.  Acid rinsing. For 2 liters of warm water, you need to take 1 art. l. table or apple vinegar. This method is applied after each washing of the head. The locks will become more elastic and docile.

3.  Oil wraps. Any cosmetic oil - burdock, olive, almond, castor, coconut, etc. The oil is rubbed into the scalp and along the length of the curls. It is wrapped in a plastic bag and a towel. The duration of applying the mask is about 30 minutes. After that, the hair is washed with shampoo.


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