How to get rid of nose wrinkles

To understand how to remove nasolabial wrinkles, you need to think about the reason for their appearance. They are among the first to remind us of how old and retired young people are. But not always their appearance is associated with age processes. The primary cause is facial expression, tired muscles, slowing regeneration. Nasa lips (which is how they are called in everyday life) are formed gradually, when the skin loses elasticity, and facial muscles relax. They are also called laughter lines, by the way, because they are the people who are most involved when we laugh. But, like other muscles in our body, they need constant work in different directions, they can be trained, they need to be cared for, it is important to spoil them with various pleasant cosmetic procedures. If you know this, the removal of nasolabial folds can become an easily solvable problem.

Even if you already have them, you should not be upset, because the real methods of getting rid of them abound. Some recommendations can be easily implemented at home, and others require the direct participation of professional aestheticians, cosmetics and the use of appliances.

Answer number once: remove nasolabial folds surgically

It is no coincidence that we started with this method. It is the most serious and decisive. This pervasive plastic gives the longest outcome, but has obvious side effects. Of course, the whole thing is the principle: one way or another - this operation. Plastic surgery will save you years if you take good care of your skin after surgery. But it is an expensive treat, full of consequences and a long period of rehabilitation. However, this is the most effective way to remove nasolabial folds. Physicians, plastic surgeons and beauticians do not stop and work regularly to update rejuvenating methods.

Nasolabial wrinkles add years and create a kind of unhappy face, even when you dont experience negative emotions at all, but just relaxed.Cosmetic manipulations are carried out faster, some of them are completely painless. But if you are young and beautiful, strive to care for your face constantly to take preventive measures before the wrinkles and avoid surgeons intervention in your appearance for as long as possible.

The essence of surgical correction is to remove excess skin, which sag and form vertical wrinkles around the mouth. The physician also saves you small portions of the fat layer in that area. Muscles become lighter, they tighten and strengthen.

Answer number two: shots of youth and beauty – Botox

Injections with botulinum toxin as a remedy for nasolabial folds - very effective. Under the skin, medicines are introduced with this miraculous toxin in minimal quantities, in order not to harm the body. Injections are made directly into the muscles that are responsible for the movement of the mouth and upper lip. Muscle and skin become more toned, tightened and frozen. Gradually the nasa sponges are smoothed. The result can go on long enough (then the procedure can be repeated). But, unfortunately, this option is not suitable for everyone. If the wrinkles did not have time to become deep, it will help you. With more severe age changes, Botox wont be able to handle it.

Answer number three: elimination of nasolabial folds hyaluronate

Hyaluronics shots are beneficial and enjoyable not only by rejuvenating effect, they are attractive to create under the skin stimuli that provoke natural rejuvenation, as the bodys own resource with hyaluronic acid begins to work inside. The method is also popular among those who have just started appearance of wrinkles. In this case, injection contour plastic perfectly copes with the task.

By the way, hyaluronate helps correct the volume of the cheekbone, the skin is smoothed and stretched, and the nasa sponges disappear.

Fourth answer: mezzanitis

This method of dealing with nasolabial folds appeared not so long ago. It is even considered almost new and not offered in all clinics of aesthetic medicine. Beneath the skin are introduced special yarns of biological material, they maintain the shape of the oval face, positively affect the inner layers of the epidermis, activate the secretion of collagen. As with injections of botox and hyaluronic acid, tissue tension occurs, allowing wrinkles to dissolve. Eventually, the strings dissolve.

Mezzanines often provide filling of filler wrinkles.But even without «sewing» threads filler - the answer to the question «how to smooth nasolabib folds».

Okay, fillers: answer number five.

There are two types: injection and non-injection. As its name indicates, the first falls into the epidermis with injections, and the second - just applied on the skin from above. Special preparations contain in their composition collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid - all that in time ceases to secrete our body, starting the process of aging. In addition to the basic components, vitamins and minerals are included. The two types of charges are not only a way to get rid of nasolabial wrinkles, but also useful in measures to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Fillers fill the wrinkles. The result of the injection is a lot better and lasts longer, the complexion improves and your appearance tends to perfection.

The last four ways easily answer the question of how to remove nasolabial wrinkles in the cabin. These aesthetical procedures are performed by qualified professionals. With the help of certain techniques, drugs or threads are inserted under the skin. The duration of the procedures - different, depends on the type of handling and professionalism of the aesthetician. But in all cases, the skin must be cleaned before the procedure and everything happens in sterile conditions, and the package must be opened with you. Anesthesia is mandatory in some settings. Often the formulation for administration includes lidocaine or the skin is pre-lubricated with a special gel with the effect of mild freezing, thus affecting sensitivity. There are patients who are willing to remove nasolabial folds only after an injection with anesthetic.

Is it possible to remove nasolabial folds with the help of hardware cosmetology?

The sixth answer to the main question of this article is related to the use of technology. Laser treatment of nasolabial wrinkles is a popular procedure with many advantages. The laser polishes the skin in the desired areas, helps it renew and stimulates the bloodstream and the production of internal regenerative resources. Some hardware techniques and special nozzles were invented specifically to combat nasolabial folds. The sessions can be repeated once a month and get an amazing impact in 5-6 treatments. Laser helps remove old epidermis cells and activates collagen production in deep skin layers.

Answer number seven: massage

This procedure is suitable for anyone who does not want to expose his face to injections or does not trust hardware cosmetology (alas, such still occur). By massaging the area around the nasal sponges, the folds are reduced. The only problem is that you need to know the technology of massage. Do not lean your hands on your face and bend your skin, not knowing the lines on which to make these manipulations. Massage nasolabial folds at home without understanding the internal processes - useless occupation. Easy massage in the bath in front of the mirror - good prevention, you must do it even when you apply the cream. Good tip on how to improve blood circulation: prepare ice cubes with chamomile decoction and massage your face with them every morning. This simple and simple way will help you achieve a healthy complexion, a tight oval and reduce nasolabial wrinkles. How to remove at home the nasa completely - modern cosmetology and did not come up.

If we talk about massage, which make cosmetologists and professionals in the salon, it is much more effective for smoothing nasolabial wrinkles. With skilled hands, they activate lymphatic cells and stimulate metabolism in the deep layers of the epidermis. This massage for nasolabial folds, of course, is not comparable to injections, but it can be done constantly.

Eighth answer: cosmetic masks

How to smooth nasolabial folds at home with masks, you ask. They are actually more preventive measures. However, there are masks with collagen and hyaluronic acid. Their action is stronger, and the result is more pleasant. They perfectly nourish the skin, saturate it with moisture. And moisturized skin is much more capable of resisting the negative influence of age and has an increased tone. Clean the face of cosmetics and day dust, apply the composition on all face and lie down for a few minutes. By relaxing, you help your body to fill up.

Finally, our ninth proposal – gymnastics

Now it is called the fashionable word facelift. The method is focused on those who are ready to repair their muscles by hand to re-establish tone. This is a whole series of exercises for the whole face, including for nasal sponges. Though biased some, but this method works. The main thing - serious approach, regularity and exact following instructions.

In the last three answers, we tried to answer the question, is it possible to get rid of nasolabial folds at home? You cant get rid of them by yourself, you can reduce them. For more in-depth and efficient procedures - come to the cosmetic medicine clinic. You will be offered a large number of options and will choose which one is right for you.

And in conclusion, let’s say how to deal with nasolabial folds before they appear

We have already partially answered this question above: prevention and care! Constant hydration, wonderful serums and gels, a deep nourishment of the epidermis help keep the skin radiant, toned and healthy. And try to minimize harmful habits in your life, because they work on the contrary principle: harm our skin and beauty. Facial wrinkles, nasolabia - how to remove? Cosmetology to help you.

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