How long does hair have to be for extensions?

Hair extensions have now become very popular and more accessible to many girls and women. After all, many dream about drastically changing your image, and until recently, it could be done with the help of a hairdresser, do a new haircut, lose hair length. But now you can become the owner of gorgeous hair in just a few hours, and as a result, you can change short hair to long gorgeous hair that is so attractive to men. Therefore, before stretching your hair, you must decide on the method of extension, to know the basic rules and features of hair extension.

Choice of hair extension method

Before stretching your hair, read about the pros and cons of different methods and choose the most appropriate one for yourself.

Hot (Italian technology) hair extension

This technology is today considered the most advanced and safe compared to other methods. The build-up procedure takes 2 to 4 hours. The construction time will depend on the skippers experience, the speed of his work and the increased number of strands.

Limitations: The hair can be lengthened with the length of its hair from 10 cm.

Keratin, which is used to fix strands, is almost harmless to humans, that is. k. Keratin is part of the human hair. He also has high adhesive capabilities and holds his hair tightly together, preventing them from falling behind (it is important that the keratin is of good quality).

When building hair use either ready strands of hair with keratin capsule or cut from hair, from which the master independently forms strands with the help of a card for hair extension and immediately increases them. For hair extension, on average, you need 100 - 120 strands. The number of strands will depend on your hair cut, the length of your hair and the result you want. The hair color is selected strictly on the tip of your hair (not on the roots) to create a gentle transition from their hair to extensions.

Length of wear extended hair: 3-4 months. It is important to correct the situation in due course. Do not overdo your hair, because it will hurt your own hair! By about the end of 4 months, the socks of the extended hair, our own hair will already fall out and an extended strand will already hold 1-2 hairs, which can be very bad in the condition of the hair, the delay of the extended hair may lead to hair loss and tearing.


  • Wear duration 3-4 months;
  • The technology of warm hair extension is quite sweet, with all the rules;
  • Reliable attachment of strands of hair;
  • The removal process is painless and fast, while indigenous hair is not exposed to breakdowns and other injuries.


  • Thermal (hot) exposure from the device during hair extensions. This is exposed to a small area of their hair;
  • When correcting for loose hair (if hair is overcooked) loss of length;
  • In areas where the hair is attached, the rice is made of keratin capsule, which can be felt, and sometimes overlooked.

Cold hair extensions (Spanish technology)

Hair extensions can be performed with a special adhesive for the extension or with mini-clips (Ring Star).The capsules in this technology are made small, flat and jetski, which facilitates the process of combing. The adhesive is slightly whitish when applied to a strand. Hair extension with glue is preferable for blondes and brown hair. T. k. On the hair of this color it becomes less noticeable. Mini-clips (rings) are different colors and sizes that can be picked up to their hair.

Limitations: The hair can be stretched with the length of its hair from 7-10 cm.

Wearing time of the extended hair: The wearing time of the extended hair is approximately 3-4 months.


  • No thermal effect on the hair;
  • Removing the hair extensions is painless.


  • Areas where their hair and extensions can appear shaven;
  • If incorrect removal can damage your own hair;
  • When you fix the hair extensions (if the hair is painted) the loss of length.
  • Strip building
  • Strip extensions are considered the safest hair extensions available today.

Strip building

Strip extensions are considered the safest hair extensions available today.


  • The construction of the strip is very quick (less than an hour);Quick and easy withdrawal;
  • Strip extensions can be carried out both cold build-up and hot;
  • Minimum costs;
  • With subsequent correction (provided that the hair in the bands of good quality) does not change the length, which occurs, for example, when constructing keratin capsules;When dyeing your hair, strips can be quickly removed, painted and then put back on. Strips will not be damaged once again from the effects of paint, and will not need to wash in places of attachment of the hair especially carefully (which is required when coloring other extended hair);

Little harm to the hair!


  • Minus (a flaw) may occur in those customers who have their very thin and smooth hair (silky), they when cold fastening strips can cause a gradual decline, because the ring is either not tight enough or the clients hair is very silky, but that minus can be avoided! by fixing the strip with a hot extension.

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