What color lipstick for dark and light skin?

The correct color of the lipstick will become a final touch to the whole picture, or may completely erase its charm. At present, cosmetics stores present such an extensive selection of colors, shades, and the texture of lipstick and glitter, that to choose the right remedy for yourself can not only lazy lady. In the cosmetic case women should have at least three colours and shades of lipstick. One of them is for day makeup, the other is for evening makeup, and the third is an experimental tool. To choose the right lipstick colors for you, focus on the color of appearance, color of eyes, hair, and wardrobe. In parallel, the colour and shadow of the womans skin play a major role.

Universal tips for make-up lips

 Eye-catching shades of lipstick combine with any wardrobe option. It can be a shirt and jeans, or an evening dress with diamonds. Bright colors are used in evening lip makeup. However, you can also paint them during the day. Choose a color of less saturation or use a bright lip gloss. Have you decided to focus on the upper part of the face? Use bodily lipstick. Preferably beige, salmon, pink or light lilac. The delicate tones of chocolate or cinnamon look wonderful. Otherwise, you can use colors of greater saturation. The tone of the pencil choose darker or lighter lipstick tone on 1-2 positions. Outline the lip outline with a pencil, distribute the lipstick throughout the plane, without going beyond the boundaries. When choosing lipstick in the store, check its color not on the back of the palm, and on the pads of your fingers. It is their color that most closely resembles the color of the lips of man. In that case, if you have already bought lipstick, but on closer examination of its tone you did not find it to your liking, do not throw away. You can combine it with a different color, and this combination will be the most profitable. Choosing a lipstick store, remember that the light here is not natural. Under fluorescent lamps it is very difficult to estimate its depth and saturation. In addition, you need to remember that any lipstick at this kind of lighting seems lighter. Young girls should use light shades of lipstick. Especially suitable for lip gloss with different shades. For older ladies it is advisable to give up glossy means. For them, matte lipsticks are designed. However, with aging skin should be afraid of too dark lipsticks, revealing all age defects - wrinkles around the lips. Pay attention to the classic color - ripe plum or cherries.

Lipstick bright colors better to use women with elongated facial shape. Women with wide cheekbones are desirable to give preference to calm tones. In addition, lip cosmetics, which have a bright color with warm shades, visually make the teeth color yellow. While cold shades of dark chocolate or red, visually whiten your teeth. The main characteristics by which the color of lipstick is selected are several: Color of appearance; Color of eyes; Shade and color of hair; Matching with wardrobe and accessories; Intensity of colors in eye makeup; Color of skin. There are also individual characteristics for each woman in the selection of lipstick colors. These include the following: Ladies preferences; Lip shape; Character properties.

Lipstick color by skin color

First of all remember that the basis of choosing the color of lipstick - the color of the womans appearance. For cold skin tone, pick up cold reflections of blue, greenish and mother of pearl lipstick. In that case, if you have a warm shade of skin, lipstick should also be warm colors.

What lipstick colors look good on dark skin

Lipsticks with translucent texture are best suited for dark facial skin. Choose the colors yourself so that they fit the basic characteristics of appearance. You can choose from all the splendor of pink, peach, coral, beige, peach colors that will suit the image more than others. Use transparent and light textures in your day makeup. This will help you to create an image that is the most natural. For evening makeup choose the colors with matte, dense texture. If desired, you can always use lip gloss to make them juicy and attractive.

Lipstick for light skin

For girls with light complexion, pink lipsticks are perfect. However, watch the intensity of color. On a bright sunny day it should be faded, ghostly shades, in cloudy weather you can add a little color. For evening makeup you can use pink lipsticks with the set-top «ultra». Truly scarlet, orange and carrot-colored better completely exclude from cosmetic bags. You definitely do not fit. Stop your attention on the shade of ripe plum, cherry, or ruby wine. Give up dark and ambiguous color solutions. All cosmetics used for lips should be pure, natural color. For happy owners of red hair and light skin will suit all shades of brown. These can be colors with pink, peach or chocolate. The terracotta-colored lipstick is especially adorable in different shades for girls with similar looks. Avoid pink, carrot and ultrared colors. They will make your image provocatively vulgar.

Red lipstick variants to match the skin color

The advantages of red lipstick for the lips can not be overestimated. With this makeup woman at any time of the day looks like a queen. However, there are several nuances of choosing the right shade of red lipstick depending on the color of the womans skin.

Red lipstick for dark skin

Blond-haired women with brown skin prefer a saturated purple shade. Also, a red lipstick with carrot tide will look great. Ladies-brown or brunette with tanned face should be advised to use the classic of the genre - a truly red lipstick color. Rich berry colors will look great. Besides, the color of ripe tomato is what you really need.

Red lipstick for light skin

Blonde and Mermaid beauties with porcelain leather can afford any color and shade of red lipstick. The main thing - with caution put accents in makeup. Otherwise, you risk looking too vulgar. Red-haired ladies with light skin, resembling translucent parchment, should pay attention to coral and terracotta shades of red. The main thing is that the lipstick color is not the same as the hair color. For white-faced brunettes it is possible to talk about lipstick variants of red color for a long time. However, you should beware of the shades of plum, saturated berry and carrot tones. The other colors are at your disposal. It is better if you prefer burgundy or pomegranate notes. Try to choose the lipstick according to your age. After 40 years, remove from makeup colors with glitter and mother of pearl. They will age you for a few more years. Better pay attention to the soothing fruity shades or, close to natural, colors.

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