Is it possible to sunbathe in a tanning bed painted

At any time of the year without the involvement of natural sunlight, you can easily get a beautiful, uniform tan. In this case, you need to follow the basic rules of behavior in the solarium to get a uniform tone of the skin without pigment spots, sunburn and malignant neoplasms. Next, consider in more detail whether you can sunbathe in a solarium with decorative cosmetics.

Getting ready

In order to tan evenly, be sure to carefully and properly prepare the body, adhering to the following tips:

  1. Two weeks before the procedure can be carried out chemical peeling in salon conditions. This time is sufficient for complete recovery of the upper epidermis.
  2. At home, you can do a regular peel two days before the procedure. First take a hot bath to boil the cells and easily remove them with subcutaneous fat and dirt. In addition, this procedure helps to clean the body of waste and toxins. To clean the body from the upper layer of dead cells perfectly suited sugar or coffee grounds, in combination with a gel or shower cream.
  3. After cleansing the skin must be applied cream or milk with moisturizing and restorative components. This will restore the skin after the cleansing procedure and prepare for tanning.

Skin cleansing before tanning is a mandatory rule for obtaining uniform skin tone without pigment spots and moles. In this case, it is necessary to clean the body two days before the solarium, so that the skin has time to recover.

Visiting rules 

Visit the solarium you need to clearly adhere to the basic rules that are presented below.

General rules of visiting the solarium

  • A few days before the procedure, we clean the skin from the upper layer of dead cells. Do not forget the daily moisturizing of the epidermis to prevent his premature aging.
  • Before the procedure you need to take a cool shower without detergents. The soap washes off the upper protective layer of the epidermis, making it vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation.
  • You have to take a shower three hours before the procedure before the body dries out.
  • Be sure to wash off all decorative cosmetics, including perfume.
  • All delicate places must be covered. Choose a swimsuit from fabric that reflects ultraviolet rays. For the eyes there are special glasses, and for the breasts - stickers. On the head we put a special cap to protect the hair from ultraviolet light. Stickers are recommended to close tattoos, moles and neoplasms of unknown nature.
  • Apply a special tanning cream on the skin, which protects the skin from intense ultraviolet radiation. This will avoid sunburn and pigmentation.
  • The duration of the first procedure shall not exceed 5 minutes. In the absence of side effects next time you can increase the time in the capsule by 2 minutes.
  • After 6 hours after the solarium, we take a light shower without detergents and apply moisturizers to the dry body to restore the water balance of the cells.
  • This procedure is recommended twice a week at 24-hour intervals. To fix the result, it is enough to visit the solarium once a week for 5 minutes.

What to take for a safe tan in the solarium

To protect vulnerable areas of the body from intense ultraviolet rays, you should take with you:

  • Sunscreen designed specifically for solarium. It is necessary to take into account the intensity of UV lamps and the type of skin, choosing a reliable means for solarium.
  • Hair is afraid of ultraviolet rays. After tanning, they become dry and brittle, lose their natural luster and saturated color. So be sure to use a special cap for the solarium.
  • To avoid retinal sunburn, it is necessary to use special linings or sunglasses for solarium.
  • The breasts and intimate spaces are protected by a swimsuit that reflects ultraviolet rays. Special nipple pads can be used. Such overlays are also used for tattoos and moles.
  • To fix the tan after the procedure, you can use creams or lotions with bronzer.
  • In case of redness and swelling after the procedure, it is necessary to apply sunburn remedies, for example, panthenol.

Make-up compatibility

One of the rules of visiting the solarium is the complete washing down of decorative cosmetics, including perfumes. The thing is, cosmetics clogs the pores, preventing ultraviolet rays from penetrating the epidermis. In the end, the tan falls unevenly, formed pigmented spots, pimples and moles.

Also, decorative cosmetics may contain alcohol or aggressive chemical components that increase the skins sensitivity to ultraviolet light. In the end, instead of a beautiful tan, you can get sunburns and malignant neoplasms on the skin.

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