How to shave sensitive skin

Sensitive skin: how to shave without irritation

If you have sensitive skin, every time you shave for you torture. But do not despair! Even sensitive skin can and should be helped. Below you will find ways to make shaving fun.


Poor-quality razor causes temporary skin irritation and redness. Therefore, the choice and use of the razor should be approached responsibly. The blades must be sharp, but do not hurt your skin, the handle of the machine is comfortable, so you would be comfortable to shave. The floating head repeats the contours of the face, preventing the blades from injuring easily irritable skin, and the lubricating strip additionally moisturizes it. It is necessary to change the razor in time, so that the remaining skin and hair on the blades do not fall into wounds that easily form on sensitive skin. In order that the razor is not clogged, it must be washed after each application. The open architecture of the cartridge will allow you to do this with ease. Razor blades do not need to be wiped, it will be enough to put the machine on a special stand, which usually comes with a razor. The Dorco machines meet all requirements, so are suitable for sensitive leather, and which to choose - to decide you.


Sensitive skin needs special treatment. Alcoholic lotions are not suitable for her, so be careful when choosing cosmetics for and after shaving. Now there are many special cosmetics for sensitive skin. When shaving it is necessary to use gel, mousse or foam, as shaving «dry» causes irritation even in normal skin. After shaving, the face should be treated with cream, balm or soft lotion. The use of facial scrubs once a week helps remove dead cells and release ingrown hair, which will provide a lighter shave.


Before you start shaving, the skin must be well boiled. So the hairs will be easier to remove and the skin will be less irritated. Wash up with hot water or wet your towel and apply to your face for a while. In the process of shaving, try to stretch the skin, press it hard to avoid further injury.

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