How to remove black dots on the nose?

What are black dots on the nose?

Human skin is like a sponge. It absorbs from the environment oxygen, humidity, useful substances of cosmetics and medicinal agents which are applicable to it. There is also a reverse process - through the pores in the skin, there is a removal of sweat, sebum (skin fat), along with which the body brings out toxins and products of decay of some complex molecular compounds. Hence, it becomes clear how much care is required to maintain the pores clean. This is especially true of the person, who is most exposed to external aggressive factors - the sun, wind, frost.

If timely and correct to clean the pores, you will not have to long and painfully get rid of black dots. The nose and parts of the cheeks located in close proximity to the wings are the most affected. Black dots are nothing but contaminants in the pores that are formed due to the excessive discharge of skin fat outside. During the day, the face gets dust and other small abrasives that stick to oily skin and fall into the pores. To remove the black dot, remove the pimple, do not in any case need not try to squeeze them mechanically, as it will only aggravate the situation. In the first case, most of the dirt will go inside, which can provoke an inflammatory process. In the second purulent accumulations will spread around the circle of inflammation in the middle layer of the epidermis, which will provoke the appearance of additional foci.

What if there are black dots on the nose?

Today in the network you can find a lot of rollers that say Get rid of imperfections, clean the skin on the face with improvised means. It is not possible to say that they are all ineffective, but most of such advice is a lottery, because if necessary to carry out a comprehensive cleansing should take into account a lot of related factors. First of all, you should pay attention to the state of health to regulate the release of sebum. It is possible to clean the skin of the nose from the black spots of the house, but you should choose a proven cosmetics that will not cause harm.

To understand how to display black dots on the nose in each case, it is necessary to determine the type of skin and select the means with this information. Many people wonder how you can get rid of black dots on the nose in one day. The answer is one - it is impossible, as to remove imperfections needs to be complex, which takes a certain period of time. The removal of black spots from the nose is done by such means:

  • Cleansing;
  • Exfoliating;
  • Therapeutic.

The first stage is especially important for the cleaning of eels on the nose to be successful. Properly selected molecular water, hydrophilic oil, jelly or gel for washing, lotion, tonic can effectively eliminate contamination and sebum, so black dots around the nose simply do not

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