Facts about tattoo

Interesting facts about modern tattoos

Tattoos in our era have spread because of the renaissance of this ancient art. Societys attitude towards this phenomenon is mixed because of the lack of sufficient information on the subject. And the historical passage of time concealed the original meaning of the tattoo.

Top 10 facts about tattoos

Modern tattooing differs from the earlier, on the time of application, the presence of new highly developed technologies, technologically equipped salons and a new level of science in this area.

We can highlight the following top facts in modern tattooing:

  1. tattoo can change color, glow, vibrate. Applied transparent ink reacts to human emotion, to change the color of the skin, depending on the number of sunlight, changing its own color. Tattoos can glow in the dark or vibrate, reporting an incoming call on the phone;
  2. Over time, the colors of the tattoos are white, yellow, orange from exposure to the ultraviolet spectrum from the sun radiation pale a little and lose their original color, and poor-quality black - may acquire a bluish shade. For longer term preservation of the initial color of the tattoo it is advisable to use sunscreen, in sunny weather to wear closed clothes;
  3. Some people may have an allergic reaction to the presence of red in the drawing, which may result in allergic dermatitis. Therefore, before starting the procedure, check the portability of red ink;
  4. when applying the drawing on the skin should not form scars, stains, curved tattoo, the picture should be holistic;
  5. tattooing can highlight the natural beauty of the person - for example, tattoo of the hairs of the eyebrows allows you to emphasize the flawless form, which will highlight the naturalness of each hair. It should be borne in mind that the fashion to the width and thickness of the eyebrows can vary over the years, so it is desirable to take into account the duration of the drawing and the likelihood of possible correction;
  6. maximum similarity of the picture with the real event and the expectations of the client;
  7. a skilled tattoo artist - these years of dedication and improvement of skills, First he must learn the basics of medicine and prevention of infections, the use of the necessary equipment and tools, and then only learn the mystery of tattooing;
  8. customers are forbidden to consume alcohol before the procedure and after tattooing, an experienced specialist will not work with such a client;
  9. the presence of a large number of styles, temporary tattoos, the use of gemstones;
  10. Some paints containing metal enzymes may distort the readings of magnetic resonance therapy devices or contribute to pain during MRI.

To conclude the facts about the tattoo

Tattooing on the body is not prohibited at the legislative level, it is applied by many now known personalities, but always focus on your own beliefs and listen to yourself in choosing a tattoo, in order to subsequently get what you want.

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