Violet voss laura lee eyeshadow palette review. Violet Voss The Rainbow Palette


Hello hello!I have in the closets such a miracle! In another way you can not even call this incredibly beautiful iris palette! I bought it in winter at the sale of Violet Voss cosmetics at Cultbeauty.

So when I saw on the Internet the swatches of Rainbow pallets , I was of course amazed, so pigmented and so beautiful! Thats why I got a 15% discount when I can.

The palette itself is served in a box, it is made of thick cardboard, the standard package itself. There is a mirror - this is a plus, no brush - it is not a minus. Also, in the new palette there is a protective plastic strip.

The total weight of shadows in the package is 32gr, i.e. each refil is 3.2 gr. There are 10 refils in total. Color range «Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant sits», in general - the most real rainbow!

Now let’s dwell on each shade in more detail and certainly consider a lot of swatches!

  • FLAMINGO - bright pink metallic.
  • PEACH - peach, mother of pearl shade
  • BUTTERCUP - mother of pearl gold shade.
  • SEAFORM - turquoise mother of pearl shade.
  • FIJI - bright blue, this color is associated with my sea water, somewhere in the Maldives
  • ROYAL is a saturated dark blue, or its short name indigo.
  • INDIGO - and here by the way speaking indigo name, but I would say that it is more dark purple shade. And
  • VIOLET - a shade similar to the previous but lighter, I would characterize it saturated violet.
  • PEARL is a white pearl duohrom, very beautiful. It flows from golden to greenish under different inclinations of light.
  • ECLIPSE is a saturated black shade, the only matte, very pigmented and very, very loose. It gives you lots of color and lots of dust, so I suggest you be very careful with it.

As you have already realized, the palette has only one matt shade, all the other metallics and one duochrome. Pigmentation, I will not be afraid of that word, the most gorgeous!

That in the end 

I mean, is it an acquisition or not? If youre a makeup artist, then definitely - yes, yes, yes, yes! Seriously, here unreal pigmentation, shades unimaginably juicy and bright, and other colored shadows, lets not say which, just «nervously stand aside» compared to the shadows from the Rainbow palette. If youre a maniac, especially a shadowmaniac, this is also a nice purchase in the collection. If you are an ordinary person, not a makeup artist, love moderate makeup, nude for example or classic, then you certainly it is unlikely to be useful. Now, Ive been shading myself from this little finger a couple of times. Make-up certainly immediately noticed Smile But sometimes I wish I was a makeup artist and not on MK for example Olga Tomina, I would do such things with this palette would!

As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed todays post.

Keep yourselves safe and stay home!

Love & Lipstick,

Georgia x

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