Smolder cosmetics review. Pigments for Eyelids Smolder Cosmetics Loose Glam Dust Review


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Price: initially they cost $ 10 per piece, I bought them at discounts of $ 5 or about 333 rubles. For 10 I would not buy them.

Packaging: Budget plastic jar with a twisting lid in cardboard packaging. Holes are sealed with film.

The jar is very similar to the jars from the travel kit from Kenzoki. Apparently it’s a standard factory design, and brands just print their logo on it.

In principle, it is difficult to call this system convenient, but in my opinion, it is clearly better than just an open jar with sequins. In order for the pigment to fall out, it is necessary to repeatedly shake the jar on the top of your feet, in a closed form, of course. The downside is that every time you close and open, the small glitter flies off and sprays around you.

Made in the US and not tested on animals.

Instructions for use from the manufacturer:

The site says that it is necessary to mix 2-3 drops of Smolder Potion Mixing Liquid and the selected color. Unfortunately, though rather fortunately, when I ordered, I missed this moment, about a special liquid for ( off). Judging by the reviews of foreign bloggers, the maximum effect is possible only with her. However, as practice has shown, the usual fixing liquid or even just a wet brush do not do well.

On the box itself it is indicated that pigments can be used as highlighter, shades, body paints (when mixed with this liquid), mixed with transparent glitter, applied over lipstick or added to nail polish. In general, do what you want, but keep away from allergies, children and cosmetics eaters!

Shades: a total of 11 shades. I chose two: Pink Dust (warmer) and Pixie Dust (cold). They are very similar in one layer on swatches, which is not the case when looking at jars. However, Pixie has smaller grinding.

Swatches: The glow can only be seen in directed light. In the shade, it’s just a little satin color.

In a single layer pigments are produced quite faded, sometimes bald. However, if you put them on a sticky base, you can achieve a brighter and more uniform glow.

Persistence: Interestingly, at first glance, the swatches do not look very different from each other, however, having passed them on the hand for only 30 minutes, I noticed that the swatches made by the finger without a base, just disappeared. The same effect is observed in the eyes, if you do not use a substrate under the shade or wet brush to make the pigment stick, just a few minutes of sequins begin to pour under the eyes. No problem with the base, though.

Outcome: Overall, I liked the effect and persistence of pigments as shadows. For other purposes I have not yet tried. The only thing that’s uncomfortable is when any breath or breath of glitter breeze is spread all over the table, hands and so on. Therefore, to take them with you or make up “for a quick hand” is difficult. I actively use the house. However, for the full price, and also with a special liquid, I would not buy them, yet the packaging is very budget, and liquid glitter, for example NYX Professional Make Up Glitter Goals Liquid Eyesadow, for the same money gives a better effect and easier to use.

As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Keep yourselves safe and stay home!

Love & Lipstick,

Georgia x

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