Eyeshadow palette BH cosmetics Blueberry Muffin

I have long looked at the brand BH Cosmetics, and this particular palette. First of all, I love blue gamma, and secondly, Ive been collecting muffin-related cosmetics lately.

General information: the price at the time of purchase 22 USD, the place of purchase - the Internet - the store Beauty Bay. In the palette 16 grams, that is 1 gram per refill. More importantly, the formula is vegan and has not been tested on animals.

Packaging is made of cardboard. The decoration is delicious-colorful in lilac-purple tones. Refiles are square in shape. It is convenient that there is a mirror, and quite large.


In the palette there are 16 unique shades. 7 of them are matt, the other 9 will tell you more specifically…

The shades of Sweet, Sugared, Cravings, Tempting, Stud Muffin are satin, slightly loose; the shimmer fragments of these shades, although relatively small (microshimmer), are slightly cumbersome and require more careful distribution to achieve a more uniform coating. They [these shimmer particles] tend to run away from their site of application. So then you can find these beautifully shimmering (especially magically shimmering in sunlight and artificial light) particles showering on the area under the eyes. Its not vulgar, its not scary, its not cheap, but its not always appropriate. I immediately have associations with hair spray with the smallest shimmering glitter, which I, as I remember, spilled in the school years at the New Year disco. In general, I feel the holiday from these shades.

The shades Crumble, Yummy, and Hot & Fresh are satin, more homogeneous, less loose; the shimmer particles are the smallest. Distribute these shades evenly much easier than previous ones. I like their metallic effect.

Bakers Dozen - black matte shadows with the smallest multishimmer (blue and lilac). By the nature of application and distribution, this shade behaves like matt.


Shades are excellent. Satin shades are perfectly transferable to the eyelid as they are in refile. But I was particularly pleased with the matt shades - they are bright and saturated, their color when transferred to the eyelid is not distorted, does not become dirty.

The shades do not dust, willingly cling to the applicator/ brush and maximally sit on the eyelid.


Loose satin shades (which I described above) for uniformity, uniformity of the coating require layering. There is absolutely no problem with this. Other shades even do not need special layering, but even in the case of layering to gather and bald places will not be sure.

Featuring shadows is generally not bad, but this is especially true for matt shades.

In the application process, slight precipitation is possible, mainly in the case of microshimmer particles of some shades.


For me, endurance is one of the main indicators of the quality of shadows.

The durability of the makeup made by the shadows of this palette is very good. [I put the shadows on a special basis of my standard, familiar]. Both matt and satin/shimmer shades hold perfectly. Four hours after application, densely satin/shimmer shades may fold slightly into the fold of the upper (moving) century. The stripe is always light and thin (barely noticeable), it is easy to remove without disturbing the makeup. Otherwise, the makeup remains almost in its original form for at least 8 hours (shadows do not fade, do not volatilize). Then the intensity of pigments in the make-up slowly becomes less, but in general up to the use of micellar water or shadow wash keep in a decent way for a century (for 13-14 hours longer with makeup did not go).

Slight showering is possible only for shimmering shades and yet this showering is delicate and almost invisible (if only purposefully peering, you can see the shimmering particles). Theres no microshimmer all over the face.

Demakiyazhya is simple. Fit a conventional means for removing makeup (micellar water, milk), or a means for washing. Shadows are removed without any residual, no glitter on the face usually remains.

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