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Welcome back everyone and thank you for tuning in again.

So many people have been messaging me on Instagram recently asking what my opinions are on the NYX lip products so I thought there would be no better was to share my thoughts on them than a classic old blog post. I wanted to create a post that compares each matte lip product, my feelings on each of them and which ones are my favourites and why.

NYX is a brand that has really impressed me with their products and prices. They’re so affordable and such good quality that I was kind of left thinking ‘What’s the catch here?’ when I first used any of their products. Their lip products are some of my favourites on the market and I can’t wait to build my collection even more and share huge swatch posts with you.

Soft Matte Lip Creams – £5.50

15322518_1041095989334028_1255814663_o-6213685This was the first NYX product that I ever tried and was the one single product that made me fall head over heels in love with the brand. I’d say that these are the product that pretty much put NYX on the map and was the first product that people went crazy about on social media. I remember when NYX first started to be talked about on Instagram and all I ever had on my newsfeed was posts about the Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade ‘Copenhagen’ and I remember being absolutely gutted because it wasn’t on the UK market but now, here it is and I still haven’t even bought that bloody shade!


My personal favourite shades are ‘San Paulo’ and ‘Prague’ as I purchased them in the summer and wore them constantly. Now they have that reminder of sun and bright colours (don’t get me wrong, I love winter and the dark make-up) but who doesn’t love a bright pink lip?

The feel of the Soft Matte Lip Creams is almost like a mousse consistency. It’s a thick formula with a medium level of pigmentation that’s easily buildable for a strong opaque finish. They’re comfortable to wear and don’t dry your lips out. I find that although these dry to look matte, they don’t actually FEEL matte on the lips which was a pleasant surprise. Although I love this product, it would probably be my least favourite out of the three liquid lipsticks that NYX sell.

Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick – £6.50
15302506_1041096129334014_231080057_o-7843844These ones are tricky because I really am in two different minds about this product. The first shade I tried was ‘Cherry Skies’ (a deep, blood red) and honestly absolutely hated it. I found that the product crumbled on my lips instantly where it dried too much and was just coming off in flakes. I was so put off by it that I refused to try the other one that I had purchased. All up until a NYX counter popped up in Bristol’s town and I got even more hooked.

I purchased ‘Soft Spoken’ and the 15369686_1041096092667351_1607466139_o-8683153formula is completely different. It still dries quickly but it’s wearable. It is drying on the lips but honestly, what liquid lipstick isn’t? Even the most expensive ones on the market can leave your mouth feeling like you’ve not had a drink in forever so the texture won’t put me off. As long as it doesn’t crumble off, i’m happy to wear it.

The pigment of these liquid lipsticks is so intense and opaque, a little product does definitely go a long way. I would also say that these are the longest wearing matte lip product that NYX offer so if you want something that’ll stay put, you’ll love these.

Lip Lingerie Lipstick – £6.50

15354176_1041096049334022_633672433_o1-3815263This is 100% my favourite matte lip product that NYX have on the market. I honestly really wish that they did more colours but I get it, they’re loving the nude vibes. If any of you are like me, a nude lip is always the safest option if you just don’t know what to go for so I can definitely see why their Lingerie range is so popular. It’s always sold out in my nearest Boots because the second they come into store, they fly straight back out again within a matter of h15311373_1041096009334026_1260890967_o-8931155ours.

This product is extremely pigmented, wears beautifully and stays put so well. It doesn’t flake off, it isn’t uncomfortable and when it does start to wear off, it doesn’t do it drastically bad like most liquid lipsticks (yep, i’m talking about the dreaded lippie line – urgh.)

I currently own the shades ‘Teddy’ and ‘Corset’ and adore them both but really want to grab a few lighter shades soon as both of mine dry quite dark once applied. It’s good for this time of year but as soon as Spring hits, i’m gonna be the only one still wearing a dark brown lipstick and will look stupidly out of place.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts so I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. I will definitely be sharing swatch posts of the NYX liquid lipstick ranges as soon as I expand my collection some more so keep your eyes peeled for a blog post all about it.

Thank you for tuning in and i’ll see you all again soon!

Georgia x