The 3 Beauty Gurus That You Should Know About – Who Are My Biggest Influences? – Georgia Phelps Beauty

Within the beauty industry, the number of influencers and gurus out there is pretty overwhelming. Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, there are beauty influencers everywhere you turn and it can be a hard choice deciding whether they’re worth pressing that precious ‘follow’ button for.

I used to follow them all but after a while, I asked myself why. There were so many people that I followed for the sake of it, I never saw their posts because I simply followed too many people and to be quite honest, I didn’t even miss their posts when I didn’t see them on my newsfeed. I was pretty cut throat and went on a hefty unfollow spree of both brands and influencers. I now follow a very select number of them and it’s honestly much easier that way.

Below are my top 3 favourite beauty gurus who influence me every single day.

@makeupbyjakejamie – The Beauty Boy

Where do I start with the wonderful Jake Jamie? Jake is the most humble, hilarious and the most down to earth beauty influencer I’ve ever come across. I had the pleasure of meeting him at The Big Beauty Day Out a few months ago and he was just as lovely as I expected.


Jake has always been a massive inspiration to me due to his consistent hard work, dedication and incredible content and he has very quickly become my favourite beauty guru amongst them all.

if you’re not following him on Instagram yet, you really need to! You can find his account here.


@glamlifeguru – Tati Westbrook

I’ve been subscribed to Tati on YouTube for as long as I can remember. I love her laid back style of videos, her dedication to creating content (she posts 5 days a week guys – 5 DAYS!) and every video she puts up is engaging, interesting and always worth watching.

She’s just so normal and I love this. So many beauty influencers can seem obnoxious and quite simply up themselves but Tati comes across in such a lovely way and I love her friendly and relaxed personality.

You can find Tati’s YouTube channel here. 


@sophdoesnails – Sophie

Sophie is another influencer that I had the pleasure of meeting at The Big Beauty Day Out and from that day alone, I’ve got so much respect and admiration for her. She was so incredibly busy all day with massive queues, the most manic meet and greets and to be quite honest, her day looked like absolute chaos. Regardless of this, meeting her at the end of the day was an absolute delight and she was so incredibly sweet and lovely.


I’ve watched her YouTube videos for years, followed her on Instagram not long after and watching her grow is just incredible. Having now released her second collaboration with Revolution, Soph remains a massive inspiration to me. I love everything she stands for, her content is outstanding and she’s just bloody lush.

You can subscribe to Soph’s YouTube channel here. 


That’s it for my top 3 beauty influencers! I cannot thank these 3 enough for how down to earth and fabulous they all are. If you’re not following/subscribed to them yet, make sure you follow the links and do so soon! You won’t regret it.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Until next time,

Georgia x