Super Facialist Vitamin C Range – FIRST IMPRESSIONS


My excitement to be writing this blog post is absolutely unreal. Super Facialist sent me some products to try and I honestly couldn’t be happier! This brand always catches my eye whenever I’m browsing the skincare aisles within Boots so to receive an email from their PR team saying they wanted to send me some goodies had me squealing with happiness and pretty much jumping on the post man every day.

After explaining my skin type to the lovely Megan from Super Facialist, she sent out the Vitamin C range to combat my dry, dehydrated skin and to add some glow back into it. I’m always so naturally drawn to products that are packed with Vitamin C because 1: I’m obsessed with the radiance it gives and 2: I absolutely love any citrus scents with orange being my favourite of them all.


Glow Boost Skin Serum – £16.99

I’ve always found it a struggle to find a decent serum within the high street market so to receive this little gem in the post was a dream come true.

I’ve only ever found two serums that I actually love and would re-purchase. The bareMinerals Skinlongevity being one and the Chanel Hydra-Beauty micro serum being the other. As you can imagine, both of these serums are relatively pricey so I don’t like to use them on a daily basis but have always had to up until now as I’ve never found a cheaper one that’s actually worth using – until now.

The Super Facialist Glow Boost serum is exactly what it states to be. It’s a lightweight, beautifully scented serum that leaves your skin looking radiant AF. I use roughly a pea sized amount morning and evening before moisturiser and I love the way it makes my skin feel! I’ll definitely be repurchasing this when my current tube comes to an end.


Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash – £9.99

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of exfoliators, scrubs, polishes etc, but I started using this product with an open mind in the hope that I would really love it.

My skin has recently started to become much more textured than normal (probably because I’ve been ridiculously unwell) so I will literally give anything a go to try and smooth it out. Although I’ve only been trying this polish out for about a week, I’ve already started to notice a difference to my skin. Of course, it doesn’t work miracles and i can’t expect a brand new skin texture overnight but to see a difference already is good enough for me.

This polish has the teeny tiniest little beads which massage the skin to remove any dead cells, dry areas and smooth out unwanted texture. They’re the most gentle little beads I’ve ever come across in any sort of exfoliating product and it’s almost relaxing to massage into the skin. Like a little at home spa treatment. Like the serum, it smells beautiful and almost edible. Again, another winner from Super Facialist.


Sleep & Reveal Night Cream – £16.99

Last but not least we have the Sleep & Reveal night cream. Up until now, I’m quite guilty of the fact that I very rarely use a different moisturiser in the night as to the one that I use in the day. Of course, I understand the important of night creams and completely get that you need a deeper and more intense level of hydration over night to allow the moisture to sink in. I dunno, maybe up until now I’ve just been pretty lazy and can’t be bothered faffing around with different moisturisers. Surprisingly, I’ve actually been bothering with this one!

The main thing I love about this moisturiser is the fact that not only is it packed with Vitamin C but it also contains tomato and liquorice extract which both help to recover the skin from daytime ageing effects that can be brought on by the sun and environmental pollution.

The moisturiser is super lightweight, breathable (it doesn’t feel like a thick mask on the skin!), leaves skin feeling smooth, soft and smelling like a Summer’s day.


That pretty much sums it up for my first impressions of the Super Facialist Vitamin C range. I’ve absolutely loved trying out these three products and honestly can’t wait to pick some more up from Boots in the near future!


Thank you so much for reading and as always, please leave any comments or questions in the comment section below. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the read!

Until next time,

Georgia x