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Happy Friday and welcome back to my blog!

I’ve decided to start a series here on my blog all about my summer must-have products and what I simply can’t live without during the warmer weather (although here in England it will always be bloody dreary!) and I’ve decided to mix things up a little and start with my current favourite hair are products.

I’m so stuck in my ways (call me snobby if you insist) but I only use one hair care brand nowadays and that’s Bumble and Bumble! I’ve tried going back to other brands but my hair always turns to shit and doesn’t look or feel anywhere near as nice so until something by another brand absolutely blows me away, my heart will be set on Bumble and Bumble products only.

A lot of people are probably thinking ‘why on earth would you use different products in the summer than the rest of the year?’ and the answer is so simple. It may be chucking it down here in Bristol but there are still UV rays because the sun is like always, still out! I tend to use UV protectant all year round anyway but in the summer, I step it up an extra gear just to stay covered. Not only that, but my personal preferred style definitely changes with the seasons. During warmer months I prefer a much more textured and beachy style and for when the sun is out, I definitely prefer wearing my hair in a styled up-do rather than be sweltering in the heat with my thick lions mane.


Surf Shampoo & Conditioner – £18.50 & £20.50


I normally tend to switch between the Surf range and the Colour Minded range all year round but during the Spring/Summer months, I find myself reaching for my Surf duo much more regularly.

This shampoo is a clarifying formula which helps to remove oil (perfect for those with greasy hair and during the hot seasons) and leaves my hair feeling well cleansed without leaving behind that stripped and dried out texture.

The conditioner adds the perfect amount of moisture back into the hair, leaving it silky smooth and tangle free without leaving any greasy residue or finish to the hair.

The combination of these two products are my favourite for the Summer months and I love the fact that they help me to achieve my desired beachy and textured style.

Surf Blow Dry Foam – £22.00

This product isn’t something that I use every single time I wash my hair as it does give a very specific style and finish to the hair which obviously isn’t something I want to achieve day in, day out.

This is a foam formula that you spray into wet hair and blow dry in. The blow dry part is essential as it is a heat activated product so without the hair dryer, it won’t work sadly! Therefore, I would only recommend this for somebody who does only ever dry their hair manually. Personally, I blow dry my hair every time I wash it simply because my wild style is hard to tame but for people who never use heat to dry their hair, this product would be a waste of money.

The best way of describing this produ is that it’s basically a salt spray for the roots but without a gritty texture. Kind of like a salt spray root lift I guess! It helps to give your hair that wind-swept and sea-tossed style that I definitely love to go for during Summer.

Surf Spray – £22.00

I know, I know, another product from the Surf range! I promise this is the last one but in case you haven’t got the hint just yet, I love Surf products.

This product is perfect for any hair type as it doesn’t contain any oil so if you’re an oily haired gal, fear not – this will work perfectly for you! If you are somebody that suffers from extremely dry hair, try the Surf Infusion (£21.50) , it contains an oil for the extra moisture burst!

Surf spray can be applied into wet or dry hair and can be both blow dried or left to dry on its own accord! I’ve tried applying it both ways and personally for my hair type, I preferred application into dry hair because the final outcome was more obvious straight away whereas with applying it into wet hair, I had no idea what it would end up looking like after my hair had dried.

Hairdressers Invisible Oil – £32.00

Never in my life did I think that I’d be raving about a hair oil. As somebody who typically has pretty oily hair, I’m generally put off by the thought of an oil going anywhere near my head but this beauty really is one of a kind. This is the most lightweight hair oil I’ve ever come across. It leaves no heavy texture in the hair and doesn’t give the hair a really slick, over the top finish. It just simply gives a beautiful shine and a smooth finish which for me personally, is exactly right and always so so needed.

I’ve recently started putting 1-2 pumps into wet hair and blow drying it into a natural wavy style. My hair tends to be naturally very wavy and pretty wild so anything that will tame some frizz and leave it feeling silky smooth is a winner in my books.

One of my favourite qualities of this product is the fact that it contains heat and UV protection. Due to how crazy my hair tends to be, I always have to blow dry it because honestly, if I don’t, I will look like a poodle. Also, stepping into Summer it’s important to use UV protection on your hair, just as you would on your skin because sun damaged hair is never a good look.

That’s it for my Summer hair care favourites so thank you if you’ve gotten this far through the post and I hope you enjoyed the read! My next Summer post will be all about my favourite base makeup products so this will include primers, foundations, concealers etc. Be sure to follow my Instagram (@georgiaphelpsbeauty) for updates and follow this blog too!

Thanks again for reading,

Georgia x