Spectrum Brushes Mean Girls Collection – First Impressions – Georgia Phelps Beauty

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re all well and having a lovely week. I’m super busy with work, trying to keep up with blogging (strong emphasis on trying because I’ve been crap lately) and also trying to keep up with YouTube (again, emphasis on the trying part.)

As any typical 90’s gal, I’m obsessed with Mean Girls and could sit watching it on a regular basis whilst repeating word for word every classic quote. To hear that my favourite brush company, Spectrum Collections, were releasing a Mean Girls collection had me squealing for joy and despite the fact I tried to be good and hold off ordering them, after having a rough day several weeks ago, I took the plunge and ordered them on October 3rd. It did only feel right to place the order on Mean Girls day and plus, Spectrum were offering 20% off of all Mean Girls sets. It would have just been rude to say no, right?

I chose to order the 10 Piece Fetch Set which you can find here. This set consists of 10 beautiful pink and purple, full sized brushes that come inside a lovely pink mesh make-up bag. To add to the fun, these brushes also have famous Mean Girls quotes printed onto the sides of them. With a mixture of face and eye brushes, Spectrum have got you covered for a full face with this £49.99 set which in my opinion, is an absolute steal.


They do also sell a set for £79.99 which includes all 10 brushes along with a mini Burn Book. As much as I would have loved this set, I don’t think I’d use the case. Their brushes are simply so beautiful, I’d want them out on display for the whole world to see so I opted for the set without the case. You can also buy a full-sized Burn Book case separately for £49.99 if you would like.

My brushes arrived within 3/4 days of ordering and were definitely recognisable amongst my other parcels that arrived that day. The box that these sets are posted in is absolutely amazing. Massive, bright pink and covered in Mean Girls’ quotes – what more could you want? I got so excited walking through the door that evening and seeing this gigantic fuchsia parcel sat on the kitchen worktop just waiting for me. Upon opening the box I was greeted by 10 individually wrapped, super soft brushes that sent me into brush heaven.

I’ve always been a massive fan of Spectrum brushes so it’s no surprise at all that I love this set. I actually already own a lot of these brushes in several other styles and use them on a daily basis so to have multiples of them doesn’t bother me at all and actually makes my life a lot easier. The blush brush is one of my absolute favourites and their eye blending brush? My God, it’s a life saver.


These brushes are incredible quality (both the super soft bristles and sturdy handles), pick products up beautifully and blending is unbelievably easy whilst using them. I’m hoping they also wash just as well as my other Spectrum brushes do. They’re probably the only brushes within my collection that I can shampoo over and over again yet they still look brand spanking new. Most of my other brushes just fall apart which is annoying as hell. Only time will tell with that point though so I’ll keep you updated either on Instagram or another blog post (probably my monthly favourites because I can imagine these brushes making their way into that post!)


I will have a video coming up on my YouTube channel very soon where I used these brushes for the first time along with lots of other new products within my makeup collection. If that’s something you’d be interested in watching, make sure you subscribe to my channel to get notified when the video goes live! You can find my channel here.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief little review!

Until next time,

Georgia x