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Happy Hump day and welcome to my first beauty post on my shiny new blog!

As promised, i’ve been trying out some of the Kat Von D Beauty range (not loads of it just yet, but enough) and can’t wait to share my thoughts and feelings with you all.

When I found out that Debenhams online would be stocking Kat Von D, I was so excited as it’s one of those brands that i’ve been wanting to try for such a long time but refuse to pay such a ridiculous amount of money on shipping and was terrified of getting hit with a huge customs fee too if I had it shipped from America. As soon as it was available on Debenhams, I ordered just a few of her cult favourite products in the range and started straight away with putting them to the test. There are a few products that are so hyped about from this range that a lot of people may be surprised that I didn’t purchase but I wanted to start with a few basics first and may explore more popular products in the future.

As expected, of course the first items that went into my little virtual basket were her liquid lipsticks in the shades Lolita and Lolita 2. I can’t get the first and not the second, can I? Plus, these were the two products that I had anticipated the most and had drooled over every single time they appeared on my Instagram timeline. I also purchased the ‘London Calling’ set which included a mini Tattoo eyeliner (another product that I was desperate to try), a mini liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Double Dare’ and a mini Studded Kiss lipstick in the shade ‘Lolita.’ I liked the idea of trying out miniatures before purchasing the full sized products, especially the Tattoo eyeliner.

First Impressions:

Instantly from opening the delivery box of goodies, I was really impressed with the look and feel of the packaging. The floral design on both the boxes and products themselves is simply beautiful and reflects Kat Von D’s image perfectly which if we’re honest, is pretty bad ass. The colours of the products were pretty much identical to how they appear online which was a huge relief to me. There’s been so many occasions when i’ve purchased make-up online for it to show up at my door and be a completely different shade to how it looked online and I then never end up using the products which is a total waste of money.

The first thing I did was start swatching the products on the backs of my hands and within 5 minutes I was covered in make-up as if I was shopping in a store. The pigment of both the ordinary lipstick and liquid lipsticks instantly impressed me and I could see why there was such a hype around her products. However, when I initially swatched the Tattoo liner I was really disappointed. It appeared on my hand as being really watery with not much pigment so it was hard to build up a jet black, intense line like you would when doing your eyeliner. Although it wasn’t what I expected, I knew that I would have to give it a true test run and actually use the product as it was intended before making a final decision which was what I did.

Putting The Products To The Test:

The following day was a Sunday which meant that I had a day off from work and could wear my new make-up whilst testing it’s durability and performance. I created a soft complexion, a very natural brown smokey eye and fluffy natural brows so that my main focus point within my make-up would be my winged liner and lipstick. I was absolutely dreading doing my eyeliner as I genuinely thought that I would absolutely hate the product and feel guilty for wasting money but I was actually so pleasantly surprised. Never in my life have I known an eyeliner give such a thin and precise line. It was jet black from the second the line began and it dried straight away, meaning that it was easy to work with quickly. The tip of the felt tip was so pointed that creating a sharp wing was easy as pie. I honestly cannot wait to purchase this product full sized.

The liquid lipsticks also performed well. They applied beautifully and smooth with an intense but comfortable pigment. They aren’t drying on the lips, they don’t need topping up constantly and I find that when they do start to wear off, they do so extremely well. I definitely prefer the shade Lolita 2 as apposed to the first one which to some people may be pretty controversial. So many people rant and rave about the original Lolita but for me, I prefer the coppery tone that you get with the second one, especially at this time of year.

I haven’t actually put the original lipstick to the test just yet as i’ve been so obsessed with liquid lipsticks recently, but as soon as I do, i’ll post about it on my Instagram page (@georgiaphelpsbeauty) and do a mini review for those wanting to have a read.

Thankyou so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out my first impressions and seeing some swatches of the Kat Von D Beauty range. I’m sure i’ll be purchasing some more bits in the near futute!

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Lots of love,

Georgia x

14970948_1005741006202860_286234013_o-6708908 Kat Von D Beauty Products 14959148_1005740969536197_1311796475_o-7981158 Top to bottom: Lolita, Lolita 2, Double Dare and Lolita Studded Kiss Lipstick