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I’m one of those people who is annoyingly, pretty bad at remembering to use SPF on my face. I’ll easily use products that contain SPF but I never specifically hunt them down and buy them for that reason. It’s about time I started using more of it because otherwise I’ll be wrinkly and looking old waaaay before my time! Thankfully, the lovely team at FrezyDerm were lovely enough to send me their Sun Screen Velvet, Second Skin Technology protectant which I’ve been using non-stop since it arrived at my doorstep.


Now, the main reason I hate using sun protection on my face is because more often than not, they’re super greasy, sticky and sit so heavily on my skin I just can’t cope. The FrezyDerm Sun Screen Velvet is the complete opposite and I think that’s why i’m enjoying using it so much.

The texture is exactly as you would expect from the name. It’s unbelievably silky, soft and literally like a piece of velvet. This texture is there for a very specific reason – it’s designed to mattify the skin and combat oil which in the Summer months, is perfect for my skin. Typically, my skin is pretty dehydrated which means that it produces oil throughout the day to make up for the lack of water. Having something to control and keep the oil at bay is exactly what I need.

This velvet texture is also the reason for the ‘second skin’ name within this product – it’s designed to feel just like your own silky smooth skin.


Most importantly, the SPF within this sun screen is 50! The highest possible SPF available within the UK market. Sun protection is so important as it helps to not only prevent against sun damage but also preserves the skin to prevent signs of ageing. As mentioned above, this is the main reason I’ve finally clicked on at the age of 21 and started using it on a regular basis. There’s no going back now, I’m hooked on the stuff.

Lastly, the packaging on this product is so unique, like no other product I’ve ever come across – it almost looks a little like a giant syringe! The product dispenses via a pump which I find much easier to use than a squeeze tube as it means you can easy distribute the right amount of product for you personally. The pump also has lockable technology which means that it’s perfect for travelling and won’t leak or explode in your bag.

That’s it for my FrezyDerm review! Thank you so much for reading and feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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