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First impressions posts seem to be pretty popular with my readers so I thought I’d treat you to another one and share my first ever experience trying out Buxom Cosmetics.

The Shiseido-owned colour brand stopped trading in the UK back in 2012 but thankfully, it’s back! The only product I ever tried from them years ago was their mascara and I was pretty impressed so to hear that they were coming back to the UK and would be in my local Debenhams was music to my ears.

A friend of mine, Lauren, actually runs the Buxom counter that has popped up in Debenhams Bristol so myself and my fellow blogger friend Marta arranged a day to visit Lauren and try out the brand as the products looked incredible.


The Products:

As I mentioned, Buxom are very much a colour brand and therefore focus on creating products for the eyes, cheeks and lips as opposed to base products such as primers, foundations and concealers. I quite like this as in my opinion, there are far too many options on the market when it comes to foundations, concealers etc and I find shopping in department stores pretty overwhelming. It’s a breath of fresh air to come across a counter that’s easy to shop and decide on purchases for once.

As I’m sure most readers know by now, my obsession with lip products is pretty out of hand. I love a good liquid lip, matte lip and more recently, I’ve been rocking a glossy lip for the summer months. Buxom offer a huge range of lip products from whipped liquids, creamy gels, creams and mattes and high shine glosses in an array of different shades and tones.

I decided to experiment a little and step out of my comfort zone because all I ever seem to try out from new brands is a classic nude shade and this time, I wanted to try something that may perform slightly differently and went for a bright, fuchsia pink. Oh, what a choice. I was not disappointed in the slightest. Firstly I coated my lips in the Wildly Whipped Lightweight liquid lipstick in ‘Exhibitionist’ and then finished my look with the Big and Healthy lip cream in ‘Berry Blast.’ I was left with the juiciest, bright pink lips imaginable. I loved the liquid lipstick formula as it wasn’t like anything that I’ve tried before. The formula is almost like a mousse and doesn’t completely dry down like most liquid lippies. I decided to pick up the shade ‘Instigator’ – a mauve toned nude that I know I’m going to be reaching for a hell of a lot throughout the next few months.

The gloss also had a slight plumping effect and felt very cooling on the lips which was lovely on a hot summers day! If you like plumping lip products, you’ll love the Buxom range.

We also had a little play around with the eyeshadows that Buxom have for offer and I honestly can’t wait until payday when I’ll be going back to Debenhams and creating my own custom palette. The shadows are incredibly pigmented, smooth, blendable and so varied too! They offer so many different shades, textures and finishes that are available singularly or to create your own custom palette too. Lauren created a beautiful mermaid inspired look using a few of the shades on Marta so I’ll insert a photo of the look to show just how fabulous the shadows look on the eye.

img_9213-9058521 img_9216-2980191

The Packaging:

The one thing that caught my eye with this brand was the style and design of both the counter itself and also the products too. With a colour scheme of black, pink and red, who couldn’t fall head over heels in love, right? Their brand tagline is ‘Big, Bold, Sexy’ which stands out and describes the products perfectly.

Most of the products themselves are in sleek black and silver packaging which allows the bright, bold shades of lipstick and shadows to show perfectly through and stand out even more.


The Pricing:

I think with most brands (especially new ones) one of the first things you wonder is what sort of price range it fits into. Although this brand is a high end, premium one the prices are still really reasonable! The lip products are all around the £15 mark and the shadows they offer are really well priced too. Single shadows retailing at £8 per pan or you can create a palette for just £36 with a saving of £20 if you put the palette together on the same day. A brand that offers this type of saving is always a good one in my books so thank you Buxom!

Overall Opinion:

Overall, I love Buxom Cosmetics! I think they’re definitely one to watch and keep your eye on over the next 6-12 months because I have a feeling that this brand will be taking the UK by storm.

Reasonably priced, beautifully packaged, high quality and a range that will offer something for everybody – Buxom offer everything that you could possibly want from a brand.

If you have a Buxom counter near you, definitely pay them a visit and have a play around with some of their products, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time,

Georgia x