Blogmas ~ DAY 8 ~ Mix It Up! With Caudalie Skincare


If you’ve followed my blog or instagram for a while, you’ll already know how much I love a good skincare product and pride myself in a good quality skin care routine. If you’re a newbie, fun fact for you – I’m slightly skin care obsessed.

I’ve had friends visit my house and tell me that the shelves in my bedroom resemble a shop and ya know what? I ain’t mad about it. The way I see it, make-up will only sit as good as the skin underneath it so it’s super important to look after your skin well and prep it in the best possible way before wearing any make-up. Plus, you only get one face in your lifetime so you may swell show it a bit of love.

I was over the moon several months ago when I received a very generous little package from Caudalie in the post. I’ve heard a lot about this brand on social media and I’ve always been keen on trying their products so to get a surprise blogger mail parcel from them was just an absolute dream. So firstly, a massive thank you to Caudalie and Love Me Beauty for sending these over and being so incredibly generous. They kindly sent over four different products so I’ll tell you all about them below.

Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil – £18.00

This little gem is definitely my favourite of the bunch and has become part of my every day skincare routine. I’ve been using this every evening for the past few weeks to melt away my make-up and it works like a charm!

This cleansing oil is gentle yet powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn of make-up, leaves skin feeling beautifully soft and it also smells incredible too. If you’re on the hunt for a new cleanser I would highly recommend this one.

Instant Foaming Cleanser – £7.50

Out of the four products, this is the one that I’ve used the least. Mainly because I’ve fallen so head over heels in love with the cleansing oil that I haven’t really reached for this one much.

This make-up is great for removing heavy-duty base make-up especially! If you’re wearing a full coverage matte and long-wear foundation, this cleanser will remove it with no problems whatsoever.

I was sent the smaller sized bottle (50ml) which retails at only £7.50 so is an absolute bargain and due to it’s dinky size, it’s perfect for travelling with too! I’m in London for a few days at the end of May and this will definitely be going in my bag.

Glycolic Peel – £22.00

As soon as I saw this product I knew I was going to love it. The line ‘radiance in 10 minutes’ on the front of the tube was shouting out at me as I love anything that gives my skin a glowy lift.

This 10-minute mask leaves skin looking instantly brighter and feeling as smooth as silk. You apply a thin layer and leave it to dry for 10 minutes. Using a wet cloth you then remove the mask and apply moisturiser.

Not only do I love the scent of this product much like the rest of the range but I also love the packaging of this one too!

Vine (Activ) Overnight Detox Oil – £30.00

With this item being the most expensive amongst the products I was gifted, I had high expectations for this overnight oil and it’s safe to say I haven’t been left disappointed.

I’m a firm believer in using facial oils regardless of what your skin type is. If you’re dehydrated like me, it helps to give a beautiful glow. If your skin is dry, the oils will quench your skins thirst. If your skin is oily, surprisingly oil fights oil! Your skin will balance better by using oils in your routine every now and again.

Not only does this oil leave my skin feeling silky soft (without a greasy and slippery texture) but my make-up applies beautifully the following morning whenever I use it. It also contains neroli and lavender which are both proven to help with relaxation and calming and it certainly does this too! I slept like a baby the first time I used it and whether this was a coincidence or not, I’m definitely not complaining.

Mixing Things Up – The Best Combinations

At Caudalie, they’re all about mixing products, creating your own cocktails of products and customising products to be quick and easy for you and your lifestyle.

Cleansing Oil and Foaming Cleanser – a silky concoction that’s ideal for those with sensitive skin

Foaming Cleanser & Glycolic Peel – this duo will boost your skin’s radiance whilst cleansing in an instant. It’s quick, easy and perfect for those in a rush.

Foaming Cleanser & Overnight Detox Oil – by pairing these two, your skin will get an intense cleanse without being left with dehydrated and dull skin. The added oil will nourish and hydrate whilst also continuing to detox your congested pores.

That pretty much brings my review of the wonderful Caudalie products to an end!

Did any of these products catch your eye? Curious about other Caudalie products? Use the code ‘MIXITUP10’ between now and the 31st May to receive 10% off your order on the Caudalie website which you can find here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and as always, thank you so much for reading!

Until next time,

Georgia x