BLOGMAS DAY 3 – 10 Family Traditions


I wanted to share this post quite early on in my Blogmas posts as when planning what posts I wanted to write, this was one of the first ones that popped into my head.

I think pretty much everybody has typical traditional things that they do every December. They’re things that make your Christmas, well, Christmas and it wouldn’t quite be the same without these traditions. Every family is different so I wanted to share just a few of the things that me and my family get up to. After all, it’s always interesting to hear what weird and wonderful things other people do in their spare time, right?


  1. Sitting down and watching Love Actually together
  2. Letting Mum decorate the Christmas tree and not disturbing her for 4-6 hours (nobody else is allowed any input or touching – strict instructions) and it always looks exactly the same every single year without fail
  3. My Step-Dad’s ‘making mum cry’ present where he cracks out the baby photos, soppy messages from us all as kids and makes a dvd/photo album for her which reduces her into a blubbering wreck on Christmas morning
  4. Arguing with my sister’s as to which sofa we’re sitting on whilst we open our Christmas presents
  5. My Mum and I always tend to work on Christmas Eve (retail for ya!) whilst my Step-Dad and Sister prep the veggies for dinner the following day
  6. Christmas Day breakfast consists of a glass of orange juice, haribos from our stockings and a handful of Quality Street
  7. Carrying all of the presents from the spare room down to the living room on Christmas Eve and sorting them into colour organised piles for both of my sisters and I
  8. Sneakily scoping out the shapes and sizes of the presents to try and figure out which pile of presents belongs to which sibling (my mum has caught us out this year and wrapped everything in bloody cardboard boxes though!)
  9. Having a massive family nap session on the sofas after Christmas Dinner because we’re all in a huge food coma and can’t move in the slightest
  10. Playing ‘Stop The Bus’ and poker on Christmas Day with the prizes all being tacky PoundLand buys that we all get worryingly competitive about winning

There we have it, my 10 weird and wonderful family traditions that take place every Christmas! I’d love to hear what you and your families get up to each Christmas so share your traditions in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this little insight into my Christmas Day.

Until tomorrow,

Georgia x