BLOGMAS DAY 22 – Top 10 Tips For Last Minute Christmas Shoppers


As Christmas creeps closer than ever, those of you that haven’t yet done your festive shopping will probably be getting increasingly stressed out.

I personally left mine later than normal but still gave myself a reasonable amount of time to get things done and all that’s left for me now is to purchase a few gift bags and finish off my wrapping.

Working in retail, I witness first hand how chaotic shopping can be and in order to tackle the challenge of last minute shopping, it’s vital to be as prepared as possible.

Below are my top 10 tips to help you survive any last minute Christmas shopping you have to do.

  1. Write a list and make it detailed
  2. Take shopping bags with you because otherwise you’ll be spending a ridiculous amount of money on plastic carrier bags
  3. Have a back up plan incase what you’ve planned to buy isn’t in stock
  4. Be patient and expect queues! Leaving it late means you’re bound to get stuck in massive queues of waiting people
  5. Do your research to know where the best deals are
  6. Shop as early as possible in the day because between 12 and 2, the shops are rammed
  7. Pit stop and refuel! Start the day with a good breakfast and make sure you have a decent lunch too
  8. Take some cash with you instead of just carrying card – just incase the card machine in a store is broken
  9. If you see a potential gift, pick it up and keep hold of it! You never know if it’s gonna  get bought my somebody else and you can always return it if need be
  10. Get gift receipts with every purchase just in case what you buy isn’t exactly right

That’s it for my top tips. Good luck with your shopping and be prepared!

Enjoy the run up to Christmas and make sure to relax as much as you can.

Until next time,

Georgia x