BLOGMAS DAY 18 – 10 Stocking Filler Ideas


In my family we’ve always had the traditional stocking of sweets and chocolate but I know that in most other families, they have a stocking with small gifts inside. I love this idea and although it’s not something we do in my household, I wanted to create some stocking ideas for those who do.

Hopefully this little list of 10 ideas will help you to find those last few bits and bobs you need to finish off that festive stocking!

Fluffy Socks – Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a pair of soft, fluffy socks to open up and wear on Christmas morning? Everybody deserves a pair for Christmas and they’re a perfect cheap and cheerful, little gift

Lip Balm – An essential in every handbag and needed more than ever during the colder months, lip balm is a great and easy little gift to pick up and put in any stocking

Face Masks – To me, nothing shouts ‘pamper evening’ more than a relaxing face mask (along with a packet of chocolate biscuits too of course!) so whether it be cheap mud masks or sheet masks, these little ‘pampers in a packet’ make a lovely gift for anybody

Nail Varnish – I think nail varnishes make a great gift but simply for the fact that they’re really fiddly and annoying to wrap up individually, they get a space in my stocking filler ideas list! Wrap ’em up in pairs, chuck ’em in the stocking and you’re good to go

Cotton Pads/Face Wipes – Those annoying little buggers that actually come in extremely handy throughout the year and you become very thankful that you were gifted them because it saves you a trip to Boots

Bath Bombs – Whether they’re purchased from Lush, Boots or Bomb Cosmetics, you can’t go wrong with a little ball of bath fizzing goodness. There are so many on the market nowadays so there’s sure to be a scent perfect for who you’re buying for!

Chocolate – Need I say more? Chocolate makes my world go round and I have a seriously unhealthy addiction to the stuff. It’s tradition to receive at least some form of chocolate, every Christmas

Dry Shampoo – A little essential that everybody needs. I always have a can of dry shampoo in my hand bag to add volume and banish oils on the go

Mini Mascaras – Surprisingly, I actually prefer mini mascaras to full sized ones! Realistically, I never use up a full sized mascara within the recommended 4 month window but a mini mascara is just the perfect size and doesn’t end up going to waste

Gift Cards – Possibly the easiest present on the planet to give somebody? I personally love receiving gift cards for Christmas! It gives me the opportunity to spend money in the sales and choose exactly what I want

There we have it, a list of 10 items that I’d personally love to receive in a stocking for Christmas (I think I have good taste so hopefully they’re perfect gifts for others too!) so I hope this list has been helpful and you’ve enjoyed the read.

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Until next time,

Georgia x