BLOGMAS DAY 11 – Christmas/Birthday Wishlist


It’s kind of a Blogmas tradition to create a Christmas wishlist but for me it’s also a birthday one too! Next Saturday I’ll be turning 22 and celebrating my birthday 9 days before Christmas. I never give my mum just a ‘Christmas list’ because she’ll always ask for Birthday ideas too so I tend to just give her a list of stuff that I’ve generally got my eye on instead.

Of course me being me, most of my list consists of make-up related items but nothing wrong with that, right? It’s all about what makes you happy so don’t judge me.

Burnt Orange Bobble Hat

A random thing to have on my wishlist but I keep seeing these everywhere and it’s made me really want one for myself. Orange is my favourite colour and as the weather gets colder, I could really do with a bobble hat to keep me warm.


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks – Holiday Collection

Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks are my favourite formula of liquid lippies on the market and although I already have a pretty crazy collection of them, I want more and eventually want them all! I’ve already purchased a few shades from the holiday collection for myself but definitely want more. Hopefully they’re back in stock on Beauty Bay before Christmas!


Morphe Brushes

Morphe are a brand that never fail to amaze me. Their products are incredible quality considering they have such a low price point and deserve way more recognition than they currently receive here in the UK. I have a few brushes from them (mainly face ones) but would really love some more to add to my collection.

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Gucci Bloom

It’s very rare for me to find a fragrance that I actually ASK somebody to purchase for me. I’m very sensitive with most fragrances as they trigger my migraines so I have to be very careful. This fragrance however, it absolutely beautiful and doesn’t give me any problems with my migraines either.


Black Chelsea Boots

I tend to wear black boots to work every single day and it’s the norm to ask my family for a new pair at Christmas time. They’re comfortable, easy to wear and style an outfit with and they’re not too expensive to replace if they break halfway through the day.


Fluffy Dressing Gown

Every single year, my mum always buys me a new fluffy dressing gown and it’s without a doubt, always my most used and most loved present of all. This year she said to me ‘Do you really want another dressing gown? Again?’ Is she kidding? Of course I bloody do! So this year, it made it’s way onto my list.


There we have it, a quick little Christmas/birthday wishlist! There were of course many other little items that I’ve asked for but these are just a few that really stand out to me that I’m hoping to receive.

As always, thank you so much for reading and the continued support throughout Blogmas! It’s amazing to see my little blog growing each day and watching my views shoot up too from all the love you guys are giving me.

Until next time,

Georgia x