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Happy Friday and welcome to another first impressions post. I love these kind of posts because to me personally, first impressions matter more than anything so I love nothing more than to share my own thoughts and opinions on a new product I’ve tried!

Anatomicals were lovely enough to send me some products a few weeks back so I’ve been putting them to the test in order to give a fair review and trial of them. As always, my review and opinion on these products will be 100% honest in this post.


About Anatomicals:

Anatomicals are a British skincare and body care brand who create quirky quoted and uniquely packaged products. They are cruelty free as in their own words, they believe that ‘fluffy bunnies are cute enough without Anatomicals products or ingredients’ which I absolutely love! I’m not somebody who uses completely cruelty free brands as I’ve not made the switch just yet but I do tend to use most cruelty free brands just out of habit and preference of the products anyway.

‘We never forget a face’ Memorably Good Daily Cleansing Pads – £8.00


Cleansing pads are a recent discovery for me after stumbling across the Johnson’s ones in Boots and giving them a go several months back. I use cleansing pads for just eyes or lips as just like wet wipes, I don’t like the idea of using them across my whole face. Personally I find that when I do use them all over, my skin doesn’t feel fully cleansed and make-up free so I rely on my normal foaming cleanser for most of the nitty gritty work.

These specific cleansing pads are soaked in Glycolic acid which helps to exfoliate, regenerate new skin and deeply cleanse in a quick and mess-free manner. Due to the use of Glycolic acid within this product, with these specific cleansing pads I avoid using them on and around my eyes just incase the acid causes any irritation. They claim to be suitable for all skin types which is great to hear as so many are either really drying on the skin or packed full of oil so to find one that’s perfect for everybody, is so nice to see.

These pads are unscented and very cooling on the skin. At first touch onto the surface of the skin, it’s very clear that they’re well soaked in product which is always a good thing with any cleansing product as it gives you confidence that they’re properly cleaning out any muck from your pores.

One of my favourite things about these pads is the fact that they’re double sided for two different levels of cleanse. One side is slightly raised and textured to give a more exfoliating cleanse whereas the other is smooth and much softer to encourage a more gentle cleanse.

Personally, I did enjoy using these cleansing pads as they left my skin feeling smooth and gently cleansed. Sometimes when using products such as cleansing pads or wet wipes, my skin tends to feel extremely stripped back and dehydrated afterwards. However, I didn’t find this to be the case with these pads so overall I would recommend them to anybody who like myself, uses this type of product for removing lip products before a full cleanse.

‘Stop Cracking Up’ Lip Balm – £2.49


Lip balms are an absolute handbag essential for me so when I received this through the post I was super excited to try it. Not only do I keep one on me at all times but I also love using them before bed at night. I tend to either use a lip oil or a heavy duty lip balm to hydrate my lips whilst I get my beauty snooze.

I felt like this product was more on the side of a gloss rather than a balm. It felt quite slippery on the lips (unlike that tacky/thick texture that a balm leaves) and therefore I prefer to use this product before bed as apposed to during the day or before applying any lip products. It almost has a slight oily texture and consistency to it which is another reason why I enjoy using this at such a specific time of day as it does give me that added moisture that I look for in bedtime lip care products.

I did personally find that the scent of this product was slightly too strong for my preference and had an almost chemical-like taste to it which was slightly off-putting but not completely horrific. I could look past it but for people who are really sensitive to the scent and taste products, it might be best to go for their Cherry scented/flavoured balm instead.

‘No Old Bags Allowed’ Eye Gel – £4.00


Eye creams are one of those products that I’ve really started to experiment and invest time/money in since the beginning of this year and I’ve been trying out so many. For that reason, the bar was definitely set higher with this product and I had high expectations right from the start.

I’ve used this eye gel several times since receiving it and I’ve come to a conclusion that’s very similar to my view on the lip balm. This product is personally for me, only good in the evening. Although the eye gel feels extremely hydrating and softening on the skin, after several minutes the texture did feel very tacky and almost sticky which for my routine, isn’t something I would want underneath my under-eye concealer and other make-up products. It’s almost as if it sits on top of the skin rather than sinking straight in because perhaps that ‘sinking in’ process takes a little longer with this product than other eye creams I’ve tried so therefore, needs that over night time to do so.

The main thing that really appealed to me with this product was the fact that it is unscented. Let’s be real here, nobody wants to put something heavily fragranced right underneath their eyes as for most people, it will cause irritation, itching and general annoyance.

‘Oi! You Throbhead’ Headache Relief Balm – £2.67


As somebody who suffers massively with the worst migraines imaginable, I was super excited to give this product a whirl. I’m at that stage with my migraines that after living with them for 3 years, I’ll literally try everything and anything to get rid of them or at least make them easier to cope with so this was actually the first product that I experimented with after reviewing my products in the post.

In Anatomicals own words, this product claims to be ‘Your own pocket sized head masseur’ which is one hell of a bold statement but I thought, if it works, then what a life saver this product would be for me. Normally I use the 4head headache relief stick that’s available from the pharmacy and literally have one on me 24/7. Yep, even in my brush belt at work or my clutch bag on a night out! It’s an absolute God send for me and I can’t live without it.

The first thing I noticed about this product was the really strong scent it holds. With any headache/migraine relief product, a strong smell is normally a good sign as it means it contains all the good stuff to rid the pain! Most of them tend to smell pretty menthol which this one does to a certain extent but this particular balm smells mainly of aromatherapy oils. Containing olive oil, beeswax, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, mandarin, sandalwood and Rosehip oil, you can only expect it to smell this way and hopefully, do good things too.

Although this product smells like it’s going to do all of the right things, I personally found that it didn’t do too much for me. Most headache relief products feel cooling on the skin which almost creates a sort of numbing effect. With this particular product I didn’t feel that at all. Maybe in my case, it’s a tough way of testing it as my migraines are extremely strong. Perhaps this product would be best suited to the mild type of headache that a paracetamol would easily cure.

‘Giving Good Head’ Deep Conditioning Coconut and Honey Hair Mask – £6.00


I’ll admit it, I’m not great when it comes to deep conditioning my lion mane. I’m good when it comes to heat protecting, smoothing and even adding texture when needed but as far as conditioning goes, my standard Bumble and Bumble Surf conditioner is as far as it goes.

However, I was so intrigued by this hair mask! Since recently having the ends of my hair bleached and dyed orange, my hair has definitely been more dehydrated and in need of that extra drink of moisture.

As the name suggests, this hair mask is heavily scented with coconut and a hint of honey – not something that I (and I’m sure most other people) would complain about and leaves your hair feeling smooth and silky. As advised, it’s important to use this product in-between your shampoo and conditioner to ensure that the cuticles of the hair are open and able to absorb as much moisture as possible. It’s so quick and easy to use as unlike most masks that you have to leave on for ages, it only needs 5 minutes on the head for an effective result!

Aaaaand, that’s a wrap! I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my review and first impressions on Anatomicals and thank you again to the lovely PR team who sent my products out to me!

Also a huge thank you to everybody for reading.

Until next time,

Georgia x