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It’s no secret to anybody who follows me that I’m head over heels in love with Smashbox Cosmetics and their products. I used to work for them and despite the fact I used a lot of their products before joining the company, my collection of course grew massively during my time with the brand and about 50% of what I use nowadays is Smashbox.

I wanted to write about a few of my favourite brands here on my blog so thought I’d start with Smashbox as during my instagram lives, it seems to be the brand that I get the most questions about. So here we are, I thought I’d share my favourite Smashbox products with you all in one nifty little blog post.

Photo Finish Primerizer – £30.00

As I’m sure a lot of you will know, Smashbox are very well known for the incredible primers that they put on the market for us. With so many to choose from, it can be pretty overwhelming at times but if you’re ever in doubt, this is the one for you.

This little gem is a primer and moisturiser in one and has loads of special hidden benefits within it too.

Firstly, this product contains my favourite skincare ingredient of them all – hyaluronic acid. This ingredient not only makes your skin super hydrated with the ability to hold 1000x it’s own water weight but it also plumps the skin leaving you looking healthy and fresh.

Secondly, this product also contains a clever little ingredient called Niacinamide. This is so-say going to be one of the most talked about ingredients within the beauty industry over the next year so keep an eye out for it. The job of this one is to provide food for the skin and acts as a vitamin-like substance. It helps to calm redness and also fights acne too!

Last but not least, due to this product being a 2-in-1, it actually saves you money and space in your make-up bag too!


Studio Skin Concealer – £20.00

I’m definitely one of those people who is always on the hunt for a new concealer. However, no matter how many I use and go through, I always find myself coming back to this one at some point.

Not only is this concealer super full coverage but it also claims to have a 24 hour wear (not something I’ve personally tested myself) and is completely waterproof (something I have tested and can confirm to be true!)

Perfect for use on blemishes, redness, pigmentation or under-eye, this all-rounder concealer is a must-have for me.


24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer – £20.00

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know by now that my big thing is eye make-up. I simply cannot get enough of it. I love playing around with colour, a halo eye is my signature look and anything smokey goes. Therefore, a decent eye primer is essential in order to ensure my make-up stays all day and doesn’t crease or budge.

My go-to eye primer across the board has to be this one. It’s clear in colour so won’t effect the colour of the shadows, the teeniest bit goes the furthest way (meaning that little £20 tube lasts bloody ages!) and it holds shadows like no other primer I’ve ever tried.


Covershot Ablaze Palette – £24.00

To link to the product I’ve talked about above, I thought i’d include my favourite eyeshadow palette from Smashbox too.

This palette was the first ‘warm neutrals’ palette I ever owned and opened me up to the beautiful world of burnt orange smokey eyes which is now undoubtedly my staple look.

This palette contains 2 larger base shades (meaning you won’t run out of your most used shades first) and 6 smaller shadows with a mixture of mattes and shimmers. The pigmentation is outstanding and the shadows are super creamy in texture so they blend like a dream.


Always-On Liquid Lipsticks – £19.00

I’ve talked about these liquid lipsticks many a time on my Instagram, blog and also YouTube so it’ll be no surprise to a lot of you that these are one of my favourite products that Smashbox have own the market.

I absolutely love rocking a matte lip and liquid lipsticks make my life so much easier. These Always-on formulas do exactly what they say on the tube.

A stay-put all-day formula that’s non-drying, super pigmented and ridiculously easy to apply due to it’s pointed applicator. I highly recommend trying these if you haven’t yet!

My personal favourites shades are ‘Out Loud’ (a rusty burnt orange) and ‘Bawse’ (a classic cherry red that suits everybody!)


That’s it for my Smashbox favourites but I’ve loved creating this post and sharing with you my favourite products from the brand. If you enjoyed this type of post let me known in the comments section below, feel free to suggest other brands that you’d like to hear my favourites from and also let me know what Smashbox products you love too!

Thank you so much for reading as always.

Until next time,

Georgia x