The Beauty Gadget I Never Realised I Needed – Tweezerfile – Georgia Phelps Beauty

Firstly, hello! It’s been a hot minute since I posted anything here on my blog which hopefully you guys can forgive me for. Life has been a little manic recently and finding the time to sit down and create content has been virtually impossible. However, that’s about to change and you’ll see me popping up on your phone and laptops screens frequently once again!

I was recently sent a new beauty gadget in the post and was pretty blown away by it so wanted to share it with you guys in the form of a blog post. This way, it’s much easier for me to give you direct links to find the product as I’m not one of the lucky ones with 10k followers and a swipe up option on Instagram just yet (and probably won’t be for a VERY long time!)

Now, how often do you find yourself getting frustrated with a pair of tweezers because they’ve gone so blunt that it’s impossible to grab hold of any pesky little hairs? I’m an eyebrow perfectionist so every morning when I’m getting myself ready, I like to tidy up my brows with a quick tweeze. Although the tweezers I use are of a high quality (I use the Benefit Cosmetics ones), because I use them so regularly, I find that they end up being blunt really quickly and I feel like it’s £16.50 thrown away because I can’t use them anymore. At least this WAS the case up until the day that Tweezerfile landed on my doorstep.


Tweezerfile is an accessory that I never actually realised how much I needed until I was introduced to it. I guess I’d kind of just accepted the fact that I would have to regularly replace my tweezers because my unruly brows required me to. Now, I won’t need to replace them ever again!

Tweezerfile is a very clever little gadget that’s small enough to fit perfectly into your daily makeup bag and take on the go with you which makes it even more handy. Made of sturdy plastic to grip onto and with a built in metal file on both sides of the accessory, you’re able to sharpen your dull tweezers quickly, easily and stress free whilst at home or on-the-go.


After doing some research into tweezer files, I’ve discovered that most of the ones on the market are just single sided which means that you have to sharpen each side of the tweezers individually, therefore meaning it takes much longer, you run the risk of stabbing yourself with one side of them and it’s impossible to know if both sides are sharpened equally.

Before I use my tweezers each morning, I now give them a really quick sharpen with Tweezerfile to make sure that my brows are looking absolutely perfect and ready for me to apply my products.


If you’d like to have a little look at them yourself, you can find Tweezerfile here.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post! I’ll be back with another one shortly so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Love & Lipstick,

Georgia x