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Welcome back to my blog guys. Hope you’re all well and having a lovely week!

As we step into our Summer months, I’ve slowly accumulated a range of different illuminating and strobing creams from a variety of different brands. I felt it was only right to write a full review on them, give the full low down and tell you guys exactly what I think of each one.

MAC Strobe Cream – £25.00

I thought I’d start off with the strobe cream that I’m sure everybody by now, has heard of. The MAC strobe cream is such a cult favourite for their brand and so many people rave about it over and over again. It took me a long time to jump on the bandwagon, only purchasing it in January and to be honest, I don’t see the massive hype.

I can agree that it gives a glow, almost like an icy radiance. However, it didn’t blow me away massively. I felt like the radiance that it did give to my skin was pretty mediocre and after experimenting with the product and applying my make-up over the top of it, my skin looked exactly the same as how it always does. It’s almost as if the glow wasn’t strong enough to show through my foundation (which was a medium coverage on this specific day) and I felt slightly disappointed due to this. Maybe with a sheer/light coverage foundation and a LOT of the strobe cream I would see a difference but with the hype surrounding this product, I was under the impression that it wouldn’t take that much experimentation and playing around before finding a result I was happy with. For the amount of effort it would take for me to get a finished look I would be pleased with, I honestly can’t be bothered. In my opinion, there are much better alternatives on the market – all of which I will be mentioning!


Make-Up Revolution Ultra-Strobe Cream – £8.00

For those on a budget, this is the closest dupe I’ve found for the MAC strobe cream! They have exactly the same consistency, the same finish on the skin and pretty much the same wear time too. I did find that the radiance on this product was a little more buildable than the MAC one but I did still feel that it just wasn’t enough for me. As most people know by now, I am a highlighter addict – honestly it’s a real addiction. Anything that promises a blinding highlight ends up in my collection so understandably, when I hear the word ‘strobe’, I hope and pray to get that blinding finish instantly. However, I still found that this Make Up Revolution strobe cream didn’t allow me to achieve this even when I was patient and worked to build it up on the skin.

One thing that did really put me off of this product was wildly, the smell. It almost smelt out of date which it definitely wasn’t. I’m somebody who is quite sensitive to the scent of products (if something smells amazing, I buy it simply for this reason) so to find that this particular product smelt horrific, made me not want to use it anymore.


Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops (Shade Celestial) – £32.00

Right, so until now we’ve had nothing but disappointment with strobing products. Cover FX, take a bow my friends and make it a bloody good one. This product absolutely blew me away. I was honestly speechless when I put a single drop of this onto the back of my hand and every other person I’ve shown this product to, have had exactly the same reaction. The best way to describe this? Liquid metal. Literally.

This is the first product that I’ve ever come across that I’ve asked myself the question ‘is this TOO much?’ and I answered myself quickly with the obvious response of ‘don’t be stupid George, there’s no such thing as too much glow.’

I love the fact that you can use this product in multiple ways! It’s great underneath foundation (I’ve mixed a drop in with my primer before which was beautiful), looks great tapped on top of the cheekbones as a blinding highlighter or can be mixed with other products too such as moisturiser and even foundation (although add it in gently, it’s crazy bright!)


Estee Edit Flash Illuminator (Shade Spot Light) – £22.00

This is my newest strobe cream within my collection as I picked it up last week (along with far too many other Estee Edit products!) but I was quick to get an opinion on it.

This product leaves the skin looking brighter and glowing without making your face look like a disco ball. It’s the most beautiful icy pearlescent shade and looks stunning on fair skin tones.

Although I haven’t yet given this a full test and thorough review, this product is so far, so good and looks promising! Any updates I’ll post on my Instagram so make sure you’re following me (@georgiaphelpsbeauty) for updates on this gem.


That’s it for the strobe cream battle so I hope that the read has been an enjoyable one for you all.

Let me know in the comments section what other products you want me to create a ‘battle of’ post about and I’ll get right on it for you.

Thank you so much for reading,

Georgia x