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Is it just me or does anybody else instantly think of different blushers and bronzers they can try out as soon as it begins warming up a little? I always start to think about the pink and coral shades that I can start slapping onto my face as opposed to the berry and mauve tones that I’m used to wearing the majority of the time in rainy England.

I thought it was only right to put blushers and bronzers into the same post to resist the urge of writing page after page on each specific category which honestly, I could so easily do. Both of these products are two of my absolute favourite categories within the make-up industry and I love nothing more than to find new ones for my collection and try them out for the first time. For that reason, that’s exactly why I’ve started this series as I’m sure there’s others out there who just like me, love hearing what other people are loving!



No.7 Bronzer ‘Golden Sand’ – £12.50


I was pretty sceptical when I first purchased this bronzer as generally, I’m not a huge fan of the No.7 cosmetics range. However, when I used it for the first time I was so pleasantly surprised and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a very fair shade and for pale gals and guys like myself, it’s the perfect shade of bronze. Although it’s a fair shade, it’s still super pigmented and so easy to build up for a more intense warmth to the face.

The packaging of this bronzer is absolutely stunning and looks beautiful on any dressing table or even just pulled out of your handbag whilst sitting on a busy bus. The best part? There’s a great quality mirror inside so it’s perfect for touching up your make-up throughout the day or getting ready when you’re short on time.

Make-Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer – £28.50


Other than my Tom Ford bronzer (which I’ve still not actually tried!) this is probably the most amount of money I’ve ever spent on a single powder bronzer. I say ‘powder’  because I live and breathe for the Chanel cream bronzer but due to speaking about this so much already on my blog, I thought I’d leave it out of this post. Due to it being a high price point item, I had extremely high expectations for this bronzer and since the day I brought it home from Debenhams with me, it hasn’t disappointed me one single bit.

I said to the consultant on the counter ‘I really need something with a light shimmer that’s the perfect medium shade of bronze for Summer’ and this was what I was presented with. Instantly, I knew that this product was exactly what I was missing from my collection.

The texture of this product is very unique in the sense that although it’s a powder formula, it’s so creamy and soft that it feels almost a little like a mousse. It’s extremely highly pigmented and gives a beautiful glow to the skin without leaving a ‘glittery’ type of finish.

Again, the packaging is absolutely stunning with a bronze reflect and just like the No.7 bronzer mentioned above, there’s a good sized, high quality mirror included inside the compact.

Loreal Blush Sculpt ‘201 – Soft Rosy’ – £7.99


As somebody who isn’t massively into pink blushers generally, this is one that I only ever reach for during the Summer. I purchased this in the Summer last year and found myself reaching for it so much that it only felt right to begin using it again this year.

This product is known as a ‘trio contouring blush’ and consists of 3 different shades. A very light pink (perfect for fair skin tones), a strip of light peachy/coral and a medium-dark shade of true pink that would be flattering on all skin tones. These shades can either be swirled together to create a new, unique shade or used separately with a smaller blush brush for use in targeted areas of the face.

All of the shades are well pigmented without appearing too harsh on the skin and leave a beautiful radiant finish too.

The only downside for me is the packaging which feels and looks very inexpensive. However, this is from a High Street brand so expensive looking packaging isn’t what you would expect anyway, right? In my opinion, what matters most is what’s inside!

Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush Harmony – £44.00


On the complete opposite end of the scale from High Street prices we have this little gem that I’ve recently become absolutely obsessed with. Hands down the most expensive blush I’ve ever purchased, this delivers everything I hope for in a cheeky blush shade.

This product is a combination of 5 different shades (bright orange, light pink, fuchsia pink, dusky mauve and a berry pink) which when mixed together creates the most beautiful summer shade imaginable.

Not only is the packaging of this product stunning (typical Chanel of course) but the extra added touches are just lovely. The compact itself comes incased in a black velvet pouch to stop surface damage to the shiny black plastic and the brush included even gets it’s only little velvet pouch to live in. Honestly the most dainty and sophisticated packaging I think I’ve ever come across and makes the high price point a little easier to swallow.

That’s all of my favourite Summer blushers and bronzers summed up! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the read and would love to hear what products you’re loving for the Summer too so leave them in the comment section!

Thank you for reading and lots of love,

Georgia x