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Happy Sunday all! I hope everybody has had a fab week and getting into the Christmas spirit as quickly as I am. This year it smells like Christmas is coming round quicker than ever before and I’m already half way through my blogmas posts too! Preparation at it’s finest for once.

With Summer well and truly out of the way now, a tan can only be achieved if you fake it ’til you make it so an email from the babes at Skinny Tan telling me that they were sending me their latest product to try out was the perfect email to receive during the cold and breezy English Winter.

Skinny Tan reviews are undoubtedly some of my favourite ones to write as I love their products so much and these posts are always a piece of cake to come up with. Those who have read my blog for a while will know that Skinny Tan are my absolute favourite tanning company on the market and I absolutely love reviewing products for them and  working with them to celebrate their incredible products.

To be completely honest, I’m far from an expert when it comes to fake tanning so the more fool-proof the product, the better. I’m yet to find a Skinny Tan product that I’ve found difficult to use or had issues with so if you’re new to tanning and worried about things going wrong, I’d highly recommend this brand for you.

Their newest product, The Instant Tanner has very quickly turned into one of my favourite tans of all time.


This tan almost looks like a tinted gel and applies in the same way you would use a body lotion. I chose to try out the shade ‘dark’ as due to having olive toned (yet super pale) skin, I like to go pretty dark for it to take full effect. Due to the product itself having a colour (as opposed to transparent) you can see exactly where you’re applying product which is super helpful. I’ve had far too many dodgy experiences in the past where I’ve used a transparent lotion and ended up with the patchiest fake tan you could imagine. This Instant Tanner is quite simply, mistake free. It gives the most natural looking and streak-free tan I think I’ve ever experienced and I’m slowly becoming addicted to this little gem.


The lotion applies beautifully, blends into the skin like an absolute dream and gives you a new skin tone within seconds. This product is great for those people who don’t have time to wait for tan to develop and is quick and easy as you don’t have to wash any excess tan off of the skin the following morning. I know I’m going to be using it for those last minute nights out when I don’t want to be the ghost in the room and I’ll be using it with confidence that I’ll have a fab tan.

Touch ups are easy with this product as when tan starts to wear away (back of knees and inside of elbows normally!) you can just top up where necessary and patch up any faded areas. The product layers perfectly and doesn’t bunch up on the skin or look patchy in the slightest.

In classic Skinny Tan style, this product is packaged beautifully in a sleek, colourfully striped squeezable tube. This style of packaging is my favourite as it’s easy to disperse the perfect amount of desired product, preventing any tan from being wasted. The design on the product also looks beautiful on the shelf in any bathroom or bedroom.


Last but not least I’ll address the topic that I always get asked the most when I talk about any tanning product; the scent. Every Skinny Tan product is free of that horrendous fake tan, biscuit-like smell and instead, smells like a tropical island. Infused and scented with coconut, Skinny Tan products have you dreaming of white sand and clear seas every single time.

Overall, I really enjoy this product! Easy to apply with a natural finish and a pleasant scent, I can confidently say that this tan will be used on a regular basis by myself. If you’re new to tanning and you’re looking for a fool proof product, definitely pop into your local Superdrug and pick this beauty up.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

Georgia x