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Last week I had my biggest moment since I started blogging 2 and a half years ago. My doorbell rang one morning whilst getting ready for work and the postman stood there with a little green box from Pixi by Petra with my name on it. I hadn’t ordered anything from them and the realisation that Pixi had sent me blogger mail, caused the happiest little emotional breakdown ever and ruined my mascara instantly. Last week was emotional to say the least and this was just the best cherry on the best cake.

I’ve wanted to try Pixi products for as long as I can remember. Ever since everybody on Instagram started talking about the ever-famous glow tonic, I’ve wanted to get my hands on something from Pixi to put to the test myself. Busy little me hadn’t quite gotten round to it but now that 4 products have been delivered through my door, I have the perfect opportunity to really see what I think about this highly talked about brand.

Glow – O2 Oxygen Mask – £26.00

This whole range instantly caught my eye due to consistently featuring the word ‘glow’ on the packaging but this product particularly, got my attention immediately as it contains caffeine. This ingredient always works wonders for my skin and I’ve seen such changes to my skin in the past when I’ve used caffeine based skincare products,


This 2 minute treatment is designed to revive and rejuvenate dull and tired looking skin. With an anti-fatigue effect, this clever little product gives an instant boost and leaves your skin looking plump, fresh and healthy.

The packaging on this mask is perfect too. With a pump dispenser, you’re able to get the right amount of product out for you without wasting any product in the meantime.

Jasmine Oil Blend – £26.00

This oil has been my absolute skincare saviour over the past week. After being in London for several days and undergoing surgery, my skin has taken one hell of a beating. To say my skin has been stressed, is the understatement of the century and I’ve been reaching for this product religiously.


This oil promises to recover moisture and restore skin when it’s stressed and more unbalanced than normal. This is exactly what it’s done for me and I’m so thankful to Pixi for sending this absolute miracle to me when my skin has needed it more than ever. I’ve been using this most nights before bed and I’m really enjoying it. Eventually I’ll use it more in the AM but my current morning routine isn’t really up to scratch.

I also sometimes add a few drops of this into my cleansing oil as an added boost and find that it works wonderfully! My skin always feels cleansed but never stripped after use and instead feels super soft and nourished.

Overnight Glow Serum – £26.00

Anything that’s designed to be used overnight instantly becomes a staple within my skincare collection. Mainly because they normally work magic on skin as they have longer to do so but also because it’s maximum effect with minimum effort. You just apply it quickly and do what I do best, sleep to your hearts content.


This serum contains 10% glycolic acid which works to gently exfoliate and reveal a more even skin tone whilst you snooze. It also helps to fight blemishes and boost radiance in the T-Zone area.

I’ve been using this in conjunction with the Jasmine Oil Blend and will eventually switch to using that in the day and this every evening. I always notice a difference in my skin when I’ve forgotten to use the overnight serum as it never feels quite a plumped and smooth as when I do remember to use it.

Glow Mist – £16.00

The words ‘glow’ and ‘mist’ in the same sentence speak to me on a whole different level. this was the product that got my attention the most within my little blogger mail package and was the first one that I put to the test. I use face mists every single day to keep my make-up locked into place and refresh my skin. A glow is my go-to finish. A glowy mist? My new best friend.


This multi-use spritz protects and nourishes with not only a blend of 13 different natural oils but also aloe vera to calm the skin and reduce redness. The hydration that this mist provides is like nothing I’ve experienced before and skin instantly feels fresher and rejuvenated immediately after use.

This mist can be used on the face and neck for a luminous complexion but also the hair for beautiful and smooth locks too. I also want to add that it smells like an absolute dream too.

Well, it’s safe to say that Pixi have well and truly stolen my whole heart. I’ve loved every single one of the products that they kindly sent over and I’m blown away by the changes they’ve made to my skin. All 4 of these products are now staples within my skincare collection and I can’t wait to try more from Pixi in the future.


A massive thank you to Pixi for sending these goodies over! I’m so thankful and unbelievably grateful for them and I’ve loved finally getting to test out your wonderful brand.

If you’re interested, you can shop all Pixi products here. I’ve also linked the individual products throughout in the titles for each product so that you can find them directly that way.

Let me know in the comments section below if you purchase any products yourself and what other Pixi products you guys love. I’m intrigued to see what everybody else swears by so that I can place a cheeky order myself!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Until next time,

Georgia x