My First Blogger Event – Skinny Tan #ExpressYourself – Georgia Phelps Beauty

Happy hump day all! It seems that I start by blog by saying that a lot so maybe Wednesday is a good day for me to post! I normally just post whenever I can find the time (I’m trying to find as much time as possible to post for you guys!) and at the moment, that seems to be fairly frequently – I can only hope that I’m able to keep this up and for my blog to stay as active as it has been recently.

If you already follow my blog and/or Instagram you will know how much I’ve been loving Skinny Tan products recently. I was lucky enough to be approached by them on Instagram and they kindly sent me some products to try out and review and since then, I’ve been absolutely hooked. I’ll be completely honest, I’m so awful when it comes to fake tanning. I wish I was so much more in tune with it all but I just never really caught onto it until now. Quite simply, the thought of going the wrong colour and therefore resembling a biscuit smelling Oompa Loompa for several weeks terrifies me and for that reason alone, I’ve always steered as far away from fake tan as I possibly can.

I did quite a lot of research on Skinny Tan products before agreeing to trying and reviewing their products as nobody likes to give an awful review (well I know I definitely don’t anyway!) and after digging deeper found that the brand actually sounded right up my street. They have such a large variety of products to choose from, whether you’re a novice like me or as bronzed as Kimmy K. After doing a bit of window shopping online, I requested the gradual tanner (can’t go wrong with that one!) and they kindly also said they would send a few other goodies along too. If you would like to find my fun review on these products then check out my post all about them on here from several weeks ago!


After falling in love with the brand and their products, I stayed in contact through email with the lovely lady who deals with Skinny Tan PR and one day I received the most exciting email that I was invited to their Express Mousse launch party in London! I was absolutely buzzing, invited my lovely friend Marta along and we went on our merry way the following week to Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill, London. We had the BEST time. We were welcomed in such a lovely way, handed copious amounts of complimentary bubbly throughout the night and talked all things blogging and tan. I felt so completely in my element, comfortable, welcomed and just generally happy.


As this was my first ever blogging event that I had attended, I was super nervous. I remember sitting on the coach and wondering how many other bloggers would be there and worrying how much they’ll judge me for my measly 1.5k followers on Instagram but I learnt such a valuable lesson that night – numbers on a screen aren’t as important as you think they are. Yes, of course it gives you a bigger audience but be individual, be different, make your unique stamp in the blogging world and you’ll be happier than Larry. I made a promise to myself that night to dedicate more time to my blog and Instagram because I felt the happiest I had been in such a long time, felt genuinely proud of the work that I have done so far and would love nothing more than to attend more blogger events in the future!


The Skinny Tan team were all absolutely lovely and it was so nice chatting to them all whilst sipping champagne and taking endless boomerang videos! If you’d like to see,
there’s one on my Instagram! (@georgiaphelpsbeauty) They were also kind enough to gift everybody with goodie bags full of tanning products and applicators and I’ve been loving all of it ever since that night! The event was focussed around their new 1 our Express Mousse which has very quickly turned into my favourite tan ever. For those interested, there will be a full review on here shortly and again, there are photos of the tan in action over on my Instagram!img_8403-8799794Thank you so much to everybody for reading and hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different post. I simply just wanted to share my fabulous evening with the world and after all, that’s what blogs are for, right?

Until next time,

Georgia x