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Here we are, at the start of yet another new month which means only one thing! Another monthly favourites. I’m a bit shit when it comes to posting a ‘favourites’ every month but this time, I remembered so here it is! 

I’ve been fairly well behaved when it comes to spending money so far this year so many of these favourites are not ‘new’ products on the market but simply just products that I’ve fallen in love with and used non-stop. 


bareMinerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lipgloss – £17.00


I’m not one to usually fall head over heels for anything glossy but this one pulled out all the stops and won me over in a heart beat. I’ve only ever found one lipgloss that I can stand (Smashbox Be Legendary) due to the fact that most lipglosses I’ve tried have been waaay too sticky and unbearably uncomfortable to wear so to be such a fan of the bareMinerals newbies was fab! 

These lipglosses are smooth and silky with intense pigmentation. I’ve worn them both alone and over the top of other lip products and they perform perfectly either way. My favourite thing? They smell like vanilla frosting and it’s so good it almost seems edible! 

Smashbox Covershot Bold Palette – £24.00


As people who follow my Instagram may have noticed, lately I’ve been wearing nothing but bright colours. Quite a few people have asked what I’ve been using to achieve these looks so I thought it only seemed right to include it in my March favourites considering I’ve not put it down since I purchased it. The Smashbox Covershot Bold palette gives me everything I’ve ever wanted from a brightly coloured palette. 

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has experienced the annoyance of buying a brightly coloured eyeshadow for it to be absolute awful quality with little to no pigmentation and it ends up either sitting in a drawer collecting dust or at the bottom of your bin. This palette is the complete opposite and since buying it, it’s sat right at the front of my dressing table and won’t ever be going into hiding in the dreaded drawer of regrets. 

The pigmentation is so strong without any chalky texture meaning that the shadows blend beautifully into one another. It’s compact in size so perfect for travel or on-the-go and it contains two larger ‘base shades’ so that you don’t run out of your most used shades. 

NYX Single Prismatic Shadow (Frostbite) – £5.50


This is another product that I’ve decided to talk about after so many people asking questions about it on my Instagram and sometimes, even in person too! This NYX shadow honestly changed my inner corner highlight game big time. This is hands down my favourite shadow for brightening my inner corner and compliments every single eye look imaginable. 

It reflects both white, blue and lilac depending on what type of light it’s caught in. I quite often also use this shadow as a normal face highlighter as it’s so super reflective and looks incredible with any makeup look. 


L’Oréal Facial Cleansing Oil – £7.99


For a while now, I’ve been experimenting with various cleansing oils to try and give my skin the moisture it needs before bed each evening. I do plan on writing a post very soon all about my favourite Cleansing oils as there are quite a few but for now I just wanted to share this one with you all.  I spoke about it a little bit on my old blog platform as it’s an old favourite of mine so any readers that have followed me over to my new blog will already know my thoughts on this product, so apologies to those people!

This facial oil is perfect for removing all traces of makeup (both normal and waterproof!) and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. It’s one of the very few facial cleansing oils that doesn’t leave a greasy film on the top of my skin which means that I quite often use it before applying makeup in the morning. 

It also smells beautiful and is such a bargain too! 

GlamGlow PoutMud Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment – £18.00


I wasn’t sure if I should include this into beauty or skincare but due to the fact that I include it into my skincare routine between moisturising in both the morning and evening, I thought it fitted this category best. 

I’ve always been one to stick with Lush lip scrubs as to be honest up until now, it’s all I’ve really known. When I heard that GlamGlow were launching a lip care range, I was dying to get my hands on the collection and give it all a whirl. Luckily I’ve managed to get everything that they offer and this little number has won a hot spot in my favourites for the month of March.

This lip scrub is gritty without being harsh and feeling like sandpaper (trust me, I’ve come across a few of those in the past believe it or not!) and removes dry skin without stripping your lips back and making them painful. One of my favourite things about this scrub is that if you add the tiniest bit of water onto your lips and massage it in, it fizzes and leaves the taste of lemonade on your mouth! The fizzing sensation creates a slight plumping effect along with the menthol scent/taste. 

The packaging is sleek, beautiful and so unique. This style continues throughout the whole lip care range that GlamGlow have launched and definitely have the typical GlamGlow design and quirkiness. 

That wraps up my monthly favourites for March so I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and found some inspiration for your next shopping venture! 

Thank you for reading, 

Georgia x