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Firstly, massive apologies for not posting anything in such a long time! I’ve recently started a new job and I’ve been super busy. I’ve also taken on the task of YouTube and I’ve been uploading every week so understandably, filming and editing is very tine consuming so this girl has been catching as much sleep and rest as she can between everything. After such a long time, I hope you enjoy this post!

That’s right, another blog post about the Loreal clay mask range. Let’s be honest though guys, must be worth considering and reading if so many people are banging on about it, right? Right. So in that case, keep on reading to find out my thoughts and feelings on this hyped about skincare range currently on the market.

Anybody who knows me will know how much I love a good skincare find and I pride myself in a good skincare routine both morning and evening to keep my skin in top tip condition. As I’ve said a million times before and will continue to repeat for the rest of my life – you only have one face! Take good care of it and give it the love it needs and deserves. There’s absolutely no point paying for products to put on top of it if it isn’t in a good condition underneath. There are so many inexpensive skincare items on the market too so it’s not going to cost you an absolute fortune to have good, well cared for skin. Loreal is in my opinion, one of the best affordable skincare brands available so this range may be something worth considering if you currently don’t use many skincare products or if you’re on the hunt to try something new.

The Masks – £7.99

I’m always open to trying out new face masks and love a good detox so to hear that Loreal were offering five different masks, I was super excited to try every single one. The first three masks were launched last year and I picked them up straight away. The other two have only just been launched and I grabbed them the day they hit the shelves because I was so excited about getting them.

Pure Clay Detox Mask:

This was the mask that I was most interested in trying as I’m a massive fan of deep cleansing, detox masks. I don’t have problematic skin and therefore, rarely get breakouts but I love my skin to feel as deep cleansed as possible.

As somebody who has pretty dry and dehydrated skin, detox masks can be pretty risky to trial and experiment with but I’ve always trusted in the big brands like Loreal so I was pretty confident that it wouldn’t do anything drastically wrong.

Overall, I’m a really big fan! The mask applied so easily (I used a flat foundation brush) and dried quickly, evenly and didn’t have too bad of a smell either like a lot of clay masks do tend to have.


My skin did feel incredibly tight as soon as the mask dried down which at the beginning, worried me massively as I was thinking ‘Oh no, my skin must be so suffocated and screaming out for hydration right now’ but when I washed it off, my skin was plump, smooth and felt clean without that stripped back, harsh feeling that a lot of detox products give.

I’d definitely recommend this for those of you who also love a good deep cleanse and even those with oilier skin as I;’m sure it would do wonders for you too!

Pure Clay Glow Mask:

Did somebody say glow? To my regular readers, it’s understandable why this particular mask caught my eye and got me excited. I love nothing more than a good glow to my skin and most masks that I tend to use on a weekly basis are all about radiance and creating fresher, brighter skin.

The one thing that really surprised me about this mask was the colour – I still to this day don’t understand why it’s a brick red/terracotta colour! If anybody has the answer please put it in the comments because it bugs the hell out of me!

I personally didn’t find this mask to be a completely ‘blown away’ product and felt that it was a little overhyped. So many bloggers and Instagrammers had raved about it so my expectations were high and to be honest, I was actually pretty disappointed. I don’t think it made my skin any brighter whatsoever and didn’t use it much at all. I’ve actually passed this mask onto a friend now as I know they’ll get more use from it which is why I don’t have a photo of this one.

Pure Clay Purity Mask:

Sadly, this mask is my least favourite out of the bunch. I read that this mask was to prevent oiliness and help with enlarged pores but I didn’t expect it to make my face feel like the Sahara desert. My skin literally had NO moisture after removing this mask and I literally only had it on for 5-10 minutes!

You could physically see the mask cracking and flaking off of my face where it was so drying and for me, straight away it’s a massive no no.

I did like the smell of this mask and it applied really well, evenly and dried super quick too!


Pure Clay Brightening Mask:

I knew this mask was yellow but I didn’t literally expect to look like a real-life minion whilst wearing this (especially when it’s combined with the blue Blemish one too!) but it was unbelievably funny looking in the mirror whilst wearing this and I definitely had a good chuckle to myself for a few minutes.

New to the range, this mask is getting so much hype on social media and my main goal was to test it out and see if it really is worth all the attention it’s receiving. The answer? Yes, yes it bloody is.


Lemon peel is a known ingredient for boosting radiance so to see that it’s the main ingredient within this mask is promising. It also has small little exfoliating particles that help to massage the skin when removing the mask. I can imagine these also help to brighten and renew the skin.

Overall, I was really impressed! I felt like the results were instant and my skin definitely looked brighter and felt smoother and more plump as soon as I washed the mask off. I’m 100% more of a fan of this newbie than the original glow mask.

Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask:

Even though I’m somebody who is lucky enough to not really suffer too badly with blemishes, I really wanted to try this out. Recently I’ve been getting quite a few little under the skin bumps and texture on my chin and forehead so I wanted to try this in the hope that it’ll clear things up a bit.

Firstly, I’m obsessed with the colour of this mask. Never before have I seen a face mask quite so blue! I’ve gone from looking like a minion one night to now something from Avatar the next.


My favourite thing about this mask was weirdly, the way in which it dried. Due to being for blemishes I had an assumption in my head that it would be stupidly tight on the skin, uncomfortable to wear and leave my skin feeling super thirsty but surprisingly, it didn’t do any of this! It dried in a really lightweight way to the point that it didn’t really feel like I had anything on at all. After removing it, my skin felt more hydrated than normal if anything and was super smooth.

I’m definitely going to be reaching for this little gem on a weekly basis as I’m so impressed with how smooth it made my skin look and feel.

Loreal have definitely stepped their game up with these two new masks within the range!

That’s it for my review of the Loreal clay masks so I hope you’ve all enjoyed the read. As always, thank you so much for being here and consistently supporting my little fast-growing blog! Any questions, please leave them in the comment section and I’ll happily get back to you as soon as possible.

Until next time,

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