Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks – Review & Swatches – Georgia Phelps Beauty

Evening guys and welcome back! As promised on my Instagram, here’s my review on the Jeffree Star liquid lippies and swatches too! I hope you all enjoy the read and feel free to leave feedback if you can. 

So as it’s quite clear, in this post I will be talking all about my experience with Jeffree Star Liquid lippies and will also share swatches with you of the shades I’ve managed to get my hands on so far. Sadly, I’ve only recently started collection these so don’t have the biggest collection just yet but in true Georgia style, I’m sure that’ll be changing very quickly. 

First Impressions:

Unfortunately (but pretty fortunate too!) before receiving these I had actually tried Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks as one of my best friends is completely obsessed with them and after trying one of her shades (Celebrity Skin) and falling head over hills in love, I of course had to order some from BeautyBay. I did however, want to see if different shades varied in performance as more often than not, this is the case. I normally find that darker/deeper shades tend to be less pigmented, give more of a patchy application and the formula just isn’t up to scratch. When these arrived in the post, I was praying this wouldn’t be the case as of course, I wanted to be completely in love with them. Oh boy, am I in love for sure. 


Firstly, these lipsticks look STUNNING. The packaging, the feel, the applicator. Just simply everything. I love how quirky and unique the packaging of these lipsticks look. The boxes are beautiful and having slightly different boxes for a variety of collections is pretty sweet too. I don’t tend to keep lipsticks in the boxes as I prefer to display them on my dressing table but a few of these might but be an exception. 

The applicator is the perfect size. Honestly, it fits the shape and size of my lips perfectly. It’s slightly rounded inwards vertically which means that the wand applicator sits perfect on the curve of both your top and bottom lip. This results in an easy, mess free application.


The formula of these lipsticks are one of the best that I’ve personally ever used (trust me that’s a lot too!) and are so comfortable to wear on a daily basis. They apply effortlessly with intense pigmentation and the smoothest consistency and texture you could possibly imagine. One coat of product is enough for an opaque finish that wears for a long time throughout the day. 

Another thing that really caught my attention with these liquid lipsticks was the scent of them. It’s such a hard scent to explain and this is one of those moments that I wish you could smell something through the internet (why hasn’t such a thing been invented yet?!) but it’s honestly delicious. The best way I can explain it is by saying it’s like a mixture between vanilla icing and Ribena (kinda like a blackberry cupcake I guess!) so pretty much, the best smelling liquid lipstick I’ve ever come across. 

Overall Opinion:

Overall, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about these lipsticks. I’ve tried so many in the past and because of that, my standards are set pretty high for them and to find another brand that I’m impressed by, is a pretty big deal. These are 100% worth the £16 price point (on BeautyBay for those wondering where I buy them!) and I’m so excited to grow my collection into double figures very soon.


Thank you for reading and keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming posts!

Georgia x