Harty Bakes – My New Favourite Independent Business – Georgia Phelps Beauty

I’m all for supporting small businesses so when I find a good one, I’ll shout about it from the rooftops. It’s not very often that I stumble across something new and it leaves me speechless but Harty Bakes did just that.

I found Jem through my best friend Emily after seeing her post a few stories on Instagram. I loved the look of her page, could tell from the get go how dedicated she is to her little business and instantly got a positive feeling from scrolling through her baking account. Jem bakes brownies (individual slices and bars) and blondies which she sells online using Instagram as her advertising platform and posts them out to you in letterbox friendly packaging. After a few days of following her, I couldn’t resist the look of her gooey brownies and placed an order of her Oreo ones.


After just 3 days, my beautifully baked goods landed through my door and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Before I mention anything else, I have to say about how pleased I was that Jem packs the brownies into letterbox friendly boxes. Working full time in retail makes it extremely difficult to get parcels on time. I normally have to try and get them redelivered for my days off and then wait in for them all day which is a massive pain in the ass. By being letterbox friendly, they’re sat happily on my mat whenever I come home from work and this makes my life so much easier.

Anyway, back to the actual brownies. To say I’ve died and gone to heaven is honestly an understatement. Weirdly enough, I’ve never been a huge fan of brownies. I guess in the weirdest way possible, you could say that I’ve not yet quite found ‘the one’, until now that is. Harty Bakes has completely transformed my love for brownies and set the bar bloody high too! I won’t order them or buy them from anyone else and try to place an order every 2-3 weeks (not just to support Jem’s little business but also because the addiction is REAL!)


So far I’ve tried the Oreo, Reece’s Pieces, MilkyBar, Smartie Buttons, White Chocolate & Oreo bar and I have a box of Caramel Nibbles ones sat on my desk waiting to be devoured this evening. Every single flavour/combination I’ve tried has been phenomenal and I can’t fault Jem’s baking, customer service, delivery or attention to detail. She even has a super cute loyalty scheme where you collect stamps and can get a free treatbox (little brownie square) after a certain number of purchases.

If like me you prefer supporting small independent businesses and you’re a sucker for a sweet treat, check out Harty Bakes and give her a follow on Instagram. You can find her Instagram here and her website here where you can order directly and pay via PayPal.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and hopefully have some new sweet treats coming through your door shortly!

Love & Lipstick as always,

Georgia x