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Happy new year guys! Here’s to (hopefully) an amazing year with lots of new beauty favourites and an ever growing blog! 

As a mentioned on my Instagram just before Christmas, I’ve decided to start a blog series for the next month or so called ‘Face Mask Fridays’ where I can share with you some favourite masks on the market, various trends (such as multi-masking) and tips and tricks for achieving flawless skin to beat the January blues! If this is something you’re interested in hearing, make sure to follow my blog itself for updates or my Instagram @georgiaphelpsbeauty where I post all things beauty on a daily basis.

Multi-Masking – What exactly is it? 

Multi-masking really isn’t complicated in the slightest and the clue really is in the name. It’s all about using several different face masks at the same time in targeted areas to tackle different problem areas. I think the first thing that really brought multi-masking into the public eye was the release of the Loreal mud masks in the summer of 2016. They advertised the new products using multi-masking as their marketing tool and since then, it’s all the skincare world has been talking about. Of course as always, I had to jump on the band wagon and give it a go and in all honesty, what beauty blogger hasn’t by now? 

What are my thoughts on multi-masking? 


At first I thought that it seemed like a bit of a pain in the ass. Rather than getting out one mask and taking the time to apply it evenly, take 3/4 instead and collage it over your whole face. After doing it, I’ve realised that it actually makes a lot more sense. Why use a pore fighting mask where you get absolutely no blocked pores? Why control oil in places that your skin is more dehydrated? It makes no sense to do that so targeting problem areas is a lot more likely to fix any skin issues you may have. 

What combinations have I been enjoying?

For my skin personally, I love anything that promises hydration, radiance and a firmer complexion. I’m lucky in the sense that I don’t tend to get a huge amount of break outs (only the odd spot or two when I’m naughty and forget to take off my make-up or over engorge in chocolate) so I don’t very often search for anything too deep cleansing or acne fighting. My skin does get extremely dehydrated which means that it’s seriously lacking in water. I still sometimes get some oil-prone areas on my skin so only ever use oil based products in my cleansers or night creams to avoid making it any worse. To tackle my dehydrated areas (mainly around my nose area) I love the GlamGlow ThirstyMud mask which you can either use as a 20 minute mask, an overnight treatment or your moisturiser. My favourite thing about this mask is that the hydration comes from honey which also helps to control and balance any oil which means that when my pesky oil appears, this mask won’t make it any worse. I do love using cleansing masks on other areas of my face as we all know that ordinary cleansers don’t always get rid of everything so it’s good to have confidence in a mask that will do the extra job for you. Personally at the moment I’m really enjoying the Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed mask which I find does the extra pore clarification my skin needs but doesn’t strip my skin either. I use this mask on my chin and forehead. To top off my multi-masking I use the Loreal Glow Mask on my cheeks to brighten my skin and give it that radiance I always crave. It leaves skin feeling supple, smooth and plump. 

Overall opinions?

I’m definitely all for multi-masking! I think once you find your personal ‘perfect combination’ it becomes a ritual to always mix things up and use several masks at one time. My skincare routine has definitely stepped up a gear since discovering the art of multi-masking and I urge everybody to give it a go! One of my New Years resolutions is to improve my skin care routines both day and night so I can’t wait to discover more trends throughout the year and sharing my experiences of them with you all. Let me know if you have any tips and tricks or favourite trends for skin care routines, I’d love to try them! 

Thank you so much to everybody who has taken the time to read this and I hope you’ve all enjoyed the read too. Please leave any comments or questions in the comment section below. 

Lots of love,

Georgia x