BLOGMAS DAY 9 – Faking The Summer Glow With Skinny Tan – Top 3 Tanning Products


With Christmas parties coming around every weekend, I’m finding myself feeling pastier than ever before this Winter. Up until the start of this year, I embraced the pale vibes but I’m now partial to a bronze glow from time to time and this Winter, I’m craving a tan more than ever.

If you’ve followed my blog or Instagram before, you’ll know that the only brand I’ll ever use for tanning products is Skinny Tan because they’re my absolute favourite, mistake-free tan brand on the market. For that reason, I thought I’d share my favourite 3 Skinny Tan products with you all in one whole post for day 9 of Blogmas.

Express Mousse – 1 Hour Tan

Undoubtedly my favourite product that Skinny Tan has ever created – their 1 hour express mousse does exactly what it says on the bottle. Within an hour you become some sort of bronzed goddess and it makes you feel fab. No streaks, a beautiful coconut scent and an easy to apply formula. This tan is perfect for those last minute Christmas plans.

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Limited Edition Rose Gold 7 Day Tanner

Rose gold, easy to apply and no biscuit smell – what more could you ask for in a tan? I love anything with a bit of sparkle so this limited edition beauty was screaming my name the second it hit the shelves. Although not available anymore, it deserved a spot in my list of favourite Skinny Tan products because it’s a fab one for sure. It is however, also available in a non shimmery version which is also lovely.

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Instant Tanner 

Probably the most natural tanning product that I own from Skinny Tan but still a favourite nonetheless. This tinted lotion applies just like a body cream and leaves a beautiful golden glow. It washes off when you need it too but doesn’t apply patchy or uneven on the skin. This one is perfect for a natural warmth without any hassle.

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There we have my top 3 Skinny Tan products. It’s been difficult to narrow it down to just 3 but I managed to eventually!

Thank you so much for reading and please leave a comment if you enjoyed it.

Until next time,

Georgia x