BLOGMAS DAY 8 – Fellow Bloggers Tackling Blogmas


At this time of year, bloggers come together more than ever because we all understand just how tough it us to keep up a blog at this busy time of year. Blogmas is without a doubt the toughest and most challenging thing I’ve ever taken on blog-wise and I’m absolutely loving it but know the struggle of blogging now more than ever. Working a full-time stressful job, tackling blogmas, keeping up with Instagram and also maintaining a relationship and social life all at once is bloody difficult and the people that do this all year round deserve a medal.

I thought it would be nice to give recognition to some other bloggers that have also taken on blogmas this year as they’re working their asses off like I am to create content for people every single day. Below are a few of my favourite fellow bloggers that deserve a bit of love this Christmas for their blogging commitment.

Sophie – Birmingham 

This gal is nothing but supportive towards me and my blog/Instagram so she deserves it back! You can find her blog here. 

Hayley – Leeds/Bradford

The lovely Hayley has worked her little ass off over the past month to get content ready and perfected for blogmas. All I’ve seen on social media is her working every night and possible second she can to get things done and it’s kicked my ass into gear to get organised as soon as possible. You can find her blog here.

Beth – Southampton

Beth is probably one of the youngest but most determined bloggers that I’ve ever come across. Her passion for blogging is incredible and inspiring and her Blogmas posts deserve so much love. Find them here.

Sophia – Kent 

I’ve only recently discovered Sophia’s little blog but I’m absolutely loving it! Her photography is stunning, her content is so inspiring and her dedication to blogging is beautiful. Her blog is linked here.

There we have a few fellow bloggers who are participating in Blogmas! Make sure you go and give them and their accounts some love as they deserve it too!

Thank you so much as always for reading and being so supportive throughout this month too!

Until next time,

Georgia x