Blogmas ~ DAY 21 ~ My New Favourite BodyCare Brand – Bilou


As we’re nearing the end of Blogmas I wanted to share another brand review with you guys as they always end up pretty successful. I received some products from Bilou several months ago and although I’ve shared my thoughts on instagram, I never got around to posting a full review so here we are.

Since receiving the products, I’ve fallen more and more in love with them with every use. My favourite is the Creamy Shower Foam. It leaves your skin feeling softer than I can explain and smells bloody wonderful too. I use it every time I shave my legs and always end up with that satisfying silky leg feeling.

The 2-IN-1 Body Spray also sits at the front of my dressing table and is spritzed most mornings. Scented with coconut, this spray leaves you smelling like a tropical paradise and also softens skin too. I normally spray it onto my arms and chest where skin is visible.

I haven’t used the Gentle Cream Foam as much as the others yet as I’ve been adamant on using up other similar products before opening newbies but the times I have tested it, I’ve loved it. This product is a creamy lotion texture and is great to use on dry areas of the skin. I particularly love using it after fake tan when my skin is more dehydrated and needs a bit of a nourishment boost.

Another thing to add is that one of my favourite things about Bilou products is that they are also 100% vegan and cruelty free! So not only are their products incredible but as a brand they also save the bunnies too. Well done guys!

That’s it for my Bilou review but a massive thank you to the PR team for sending me these goodies to try out! I can’t wait to try more products from you guys in the future.

Love & Lipstick,

Georgia x