Blogmas ~ DAY 20 ~ How The BeGlow TIA Has Transformed My Skincare Routine – The All-In-One Sonic Skincare System


I’m so excited to be publishing this post and sharing it with all of you guys as I’ve had so much fun writing it. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I loved creating it!

Who Are BeGlow?

BeGlow is a new skincare brand that has just launched here in the UK on Look Fantastic. This innovative brand have launched two new sonic devices onto the market and one of them, the TIA is like nothing I’ve ever tried before.

BeGlow focus on creating every-day devices that are effective, easy to use and multi-use. The TIA is exactly that.

The TIA : The All-In-One Sonic Skincare System – What exactly is it?

This device is definitely one of a kind, that’s for sure! Packed full of so many different features and uses, I’ve never seen such an advanced skincare device before. I’ll try to keep this post short and sweet whilst also fully explaining all of the features and trust me, every feature is insane.

The TIA is designed to give a deep cleanse, lift and also tone to leave your skin feeling refreshed, healthier and firmer.

Both BeGlow devices use Smart SkinSense Pulsation Technology which basically ensures a deep cleanse without any damage or irritation to the skin. It pulsates at different levels of intensity depending on your skins needs which in my opinion, is incredible technology. It makes so much more sense than those cleansing brushes from other brands that are quite abrasive to the skin because they pulsate too aggressively when your skin doesn’t necessarily need it.

What Are The Features?

The cleansing brush is made of gentle silicone ‘bristles’ which makes it easy to clean and therefore, extremely hygienic. The brush head is removable and can be replaced when it begins to experience general wear and tear. This is normally recommended after about a year of using the device so you definitely get a lot of use from them.

On the opposite end of the device is a titanium plate which has a variety of different benefits. This clever feature is anti-ageing, calming on the skin, improves product absorption and improves blood circulation too! Pretty nifty, right?

Last but not least, the TIA has another incredible feature. On the reverse is a ergonomically shaped device that is designed to shape and help contour the face. Due to it’s unique shape it fits into the contours of the face perfect and using dual pulse technology, works to shape and firm those areas.

How have I gotten along with using it?

I’m absolutely hooked! I’ve used so many cleansing devices in the past but nothing even comes relatively close to this little gem. It really is one of a kind and 100% worth the price too!

My skin feels so cleansed after using it but doesn’t feel irritated and ‘angry’ like it does when I use a lot of cleansing brushes. The firming and lifting elements of this device are fab too! After a cleanse, it feels lovely on the skin to use the titanium plate as it’s cooling and calming so helps to reduce redness for me.

Where can I find it?

Both the TIA and the PURA (BeGlow’s other device) can be found here.

The TIA retails at £199 and is available in 3 colours; white, black and pink.

Thank you so much to Lisa at BeGlow for sending over the TIA for me to try out and review! Also a massive thank you to everybody who has read this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Love & Lipstick,

Georgia x