BLOGMAS DAY 2 – Winter Skincare Picks


I’m sure I’m not the only one that has super temperamental skin that decides to change as soon as the temperate alters even the slightest bit.

I normally have dehydrated skin but in the Winter it gets so much worse and hella thirsty ALL the time. Without a decent skincare base, my skin just sucks all make-up in and looks like the Sahara Desert so it’s extremely important that I hydrate my skin as much as possible before putting any products on top.

I’m going to take you through the full range of products that I reach for during these colder months and hopefully help to answer any questions you may have surrounding any of these specific products!

CLEANSER – The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter – £10.00

As highly important as it is to use a very hydrating moisturiser, it’s also important to use other skincare products that will help your skin to feel more nourished. Sometimes, you can use the most hydrating moisturiser on the market but if you’ve stripped your skin too much before application, your face will suck in that moisturiser far too much and not help with any prolonged hydration.

Typically, I never normally stick to just one cleanser most of the year. Often switching between balms/butters, creams, washes, oils and micellar waters (the list goes on!) I find it hard to settle down (I feel as if I’m writing in to a ‘Dear Deirdre’ magazine section here), and choose just one. That is until my skin decides to turn against me in the Winter and not only come up in under the skin blemishes with anything too perfumed but also become even more dehydrated with most washes. Honestly, the struggle is real.

The one cleanser that never fails me or lets me down is The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter. Not only is this little gem only £10 (an absolute steal!) but it’s perfect for even the most sensitive of skins, removes all traces of make-up including anything waterproof and leaves skin feeling smooth, cleansed and hydrated. Added bonus? It lasts bloody ages too!

EXFOLIATOR – Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator – £16.50

As somebody with skin that’s on the drier side, exfoliator is key in my routine once a week. It’s not a step that I would recommend for every day or more than 2/3 times a week as although it helps to remove dead and dry skin cells, if done too often it can actually strip the skin and results in skin becoming weirdly, even drier.

The exfoliator that I use frequently is the Liz Earle Gentle Face. I find that it’s the most non-abrasive exfoliator that I’ve tried but still removes the skin that needs to come off and leaves skin feeling as smooth as a baby’s butt. It’s also made of all botanical ingredients too!

TONER – Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner – £23.50

Toner is the product that I personally think can be the trickiest to get right. Although it may feel as if your toner isn’t doing much, it will be doing so much more behind the scenes than you think. A toner is actually extremely important as it helps to close your pores up after cleansing. Imagine you leave them open and every product you put on top (including moisturiser and foundation) sinks straight in? This results in clogged pores, blackheads and excess oil. If you don’t already, definitely introduce a toner into your routine as it will work wonders for your skin.

My personal favourite toner is the Soothing Apricot one from Elemis. Anything with an apricot or peachy scent wins my heart in an instant so the second I smelt this, I knew I needed it in my life. The scent alone makes it a favourite of mine but aside from this, it makes my skin feel amazing. Whilst doing exactly what it’s supposed to, it also makes my skin feel refreshed, awakened and appear much brighter too. I’d highly recommend this product if you’re on the search for a new toner.

SERUM – bare Minerals Skin Longevity Vital Power Infusion – £48.00

Infusion is the perfect word to sum up this beauty. Undoubtedly, one of the best products that I’ve ever introduced into my skincare routine and the one that makes the biggest difference to not only the feel of my skin but also the appearance of it too.

For those who aren’t clear, a serum is the extra drink of moisture that your skin often craves. Most moisturisers typically delve into about 3/4 layers of skin (if you’re lucky!) whereas a serum is designed to go much deeper (about 6/7 laters down) and infuses your skin with as much moisture as it can hold.

The bare Minerals Skin Longevity is my favourite serum/infusion that I have in my collection and I’m so glad I decided to give it a shot as it’s done nothing but good for my dehydrated little face. If you can, pop to your nearest bare Minerals counter to pick up a sample for yourself!

MOISTURISER (DAY) – GlamGlow GlowStarter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser – £36.00

This was such a hard product to narrow down and pick a favourite! I decided on this specific moisturiser because it’s the one that I find does the most in one go.

Not only does the GlowStarter provide your skin with intense hydration through the use of hyularonic acid (that stuff has the incredible ability to help your skin hold 1000 times it’s own weight in water – mad right?!), Shea butter, jojoba oil and ceramides but it also makes your skin glow like the sun. Packed full of pearl particles, this moisturiser has the ability to blur the appearance of skin and brighten instantly. It’s the brightest and most beautiful moisturiser I’ve ever tried and I urge everybody to grab a sample to try if they can. Oh and I almost forgot! It smells like a mixture of Chocolate Orange and Skittles. Best smell EVER, honestly.

MOISTURISER (NIGHT) – Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturising Night Cream – £43.00

This was a product that I never planned on falling in love with. I bought several Lancome items as a present for somebody last year and they were offering a gift with purchase at the time. Whilst sorting through all of my samples and travel sized products I came across this moisturiser and in a bid to use up and finish more products in 2017, I began using the sample just for the sake of it. As I’ve never tried Lancome before (I’m not entirely sure why, I think the brand just didn’t catch my eye!) I didn’t really know what to expect. Turns out this moisturiser is fab!

It’s thick enough to wear overnight and feel as if it’s doing it’s job right (which it definitely does) but not thick to the point that it feels as if it’s going to crumble off of your face and block your pores. It’s lightweight, smoothing and hydrates the skin wonderfully. This one also smells beautiful too! Very floral but also very light and refreshing.

EYE CREAM – Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream To Brighten And De Puff – £20.50

I honestly cannot rave about this eye cream enough. If you’re already following my blog, Instagram or YouTube you would have heard me banging on about this more than enough times already.

I searched for the perfect eye cream for the longest time and tried so many along the way that I completely wasted my money on and hated. I knew this was the perfect eye cream from the very first time I used it. It literally does exactly what it says on the pot!

It instantly reduces the appearance of dark circles (it has slight pearlescent particles so gives the brightest glow!), de-puffs and hydrates perfectly. Since buying this product about 18 months ago, I’ve not looked back and mine has almost finished so writing this has reminded me to order another. For a brighter under eye, introduce this little tub of magic into your life.

LIP SCRUB – Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub (Orange Soda) – £12.00

This is another item that I feel not enough people use and take advantage of. Suffering from dry and flaky lips from the cold weather? Lip scrub to the rescue!

The Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrubs are my favourite and I can’t wait to get my hands on more flavours. They scrub the lips and remove dead skin without being uncomfortable and painful to use like some harsh scrubs can be. They leave your lips feeling soft, supple and super hydrated. They also smell and taste so incredible that I have to refrain from dipping my finger into the tub and using it as a snack.

LIP BALM – Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 – £17.00

As far as lip balms go, in my books they’re either good or not good. It’s as simple as that. I’ve come across a lot of lip balms that do bugger all and feel like a waste of time and money. However, this one is definitely an exception. From the first time I ever used it, I noticed a difference.

Intense hydration, sun protection and a non-greasy texture. This lip balm is a dream. The little tin is cute and a perfect size for your pocket or handbag too. It’s a staple within my winter skincare routine (well, my routine all year actually!) and I use it every day, normally morning and night (or when necessary throughout the day), without fail.

That sums it up for my Winter skincare favourites! It’s been a long post so thank you from the bottom of my heart if you’ve reached it thus far. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and if you did, leave a little comment below, ‘like’ this post and follow my little blog page too.

Until next time,

Georgia x