Blogmas ~ DAY 19 ~ The Palette Of Dreams – Jeffree Star Blood Sugar


Let’s be real, it was only a matter of time before this eyeshadow palette got it’s own dedicated post here on my little old blog. It’s no surprise that this palette has been a staple of mine since it joined my collection. I’m completely obsessed with it and never want to put it down.

I’m sure most people have seen this palette all over social media already and like me, you can appreciate it’s beauty for all it’s worth. I fell head over heels in love with it the second that Jeffree posted his unveiling video and knew I needed it right away. Annoyingly, Beauty Bay didn’t stock it for quite a while so it was a patient wait for me until it became available to pre-order. Thank God I ordered it when I did because it sold out so quickly.

If I was a palette, I’d be the Blood Sugar palette without a doubt. A little controversial, hella colourful and sassy AF. I’m a sucker for warm toned shades and this palette is packed full of them.

The formulas within this palette are unsurprisingly incredible. I’m always blown away by the formulas of Jeffree Star eyeshadows and I’ve loved every single palette that he has created so far and therefore, the fact that I loved this one didn’t shock me in the slightest. The mattes are soft and blend beautifully whilst the metallics pack a punch with intense pigment and high shine. It’s super easy to create looks using this palette regardless of if you’re a make-up beginner or pro.

The packaging is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and is one of my favourite things about this beauty. The sturdy, right red casing along with little metallic clasps to lock it shut are the perfect added touches to this palette. It’s unique, one of a kind and simply beautiful. There’s a part of me that wishes there wasn’t make-up inside as it would make a badass clutch bag on a night out.

The Blood Sugar palette retails at £46 and in my opinion, is 100% worth the money. I know Beauty Bay are currently out of stock but hopefully they’ll be restocking shortly! As soon as they do, you need to get your hands on it as I can promise that you won’t regret it!

Thank you so much for visiting my little blog and reading this post, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. As always, feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

Love & lipstick,

Georgia x