Blogmas ~ DAY 15 ~ Ladies Gift Guide Vol.2 – Boots


As promised, I’m back with another gift guide as my last one was fairly popular! Like I’ve said previously, not every woman in your life will be a beauty and skincare fanatic so my gift guide focused around those kind of sets won’t be much help. This one however, may be slightly better suited.

Yankee Candle 6 Votive Candle Gift Set – £9.99

I’ve always been a sucker for a candle gift set and in particular, one from Yankee Candle. With a huge variety of scents available, tonnes of different ways to purchase them (ranging from tea lights to votives to small, medium and large jars) and in my opinion, a fairly reasonable price compared to some brands, you can’t go wrong with giving a Yankee Candle as a gift this Christmas.

This set includes 6 classic votives, packaged in a beautifully festive little box. Retailing at just £9.99, this makes for the perfect stocking filler or little ‘add-on’ gift.

Nutella Mug Stocking Filler – £8.50

If there’s one thing I love at Christmas (actually, let’s be real, any time of year) it’s chocolate. I’m definitely a sweet tooth kinda gal and when it comes to Nutella, I’m weak at the knees and head over heels in love.

A hefty sized mug with 2 of the cutest little jars of Nutella that I’ve ever seen in my life is just bloody perfect. If I was to receive this and find it beneath my tree I’d be over the moon happy.

Totes Barley Lane Bunny Hot Water Bottle – £18.00

Is there honestly anything more comforting than curling up in bed on a cold wintery evening wrapped up in fluffy pyjamas whilst clutching a hot water bottle? I think not.

This particular hot water bottle from Totes is quite possibly the most adorable I’ve ever seen and it’s definitely going onto my list this year. It’s also super soft too which makes it extra cosy.

Zoella Lifestyle Travel Mug & Bobble Hat – £18.00

Whilst we’re in the full swing of Winter, a fluffy bobble hat and travel mug is essential for any journey to work. This set is super cute featuring a navy and baby pink knitted bobble hat along with a quoted travel mug printed ‘warm and fuzzy’ which let’s be real, is how we all want to feel this December.

I also love the packaging of this years Zoella lifestyle range! Classic, elegant and eye catching making this set a perfect gift for the ladies in your life.

That’s it for my second ladies gift guide this year! I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and found it helpful if you’re stuck with what to buy some people on your list.

Love & lipstick,

Georgia x