Blogmas ~ DAY 13 ~ Winter Body Care Favourites


I’m always keen to share my skincare and beauty favourites but it’s rare for me to talk about body care products unless they’re from specific brands. Therefore, I thought I’d create a post dedicated to them this Blogmas as let’s be honest, taking care of the skin on your body is just as important as your face.

Below you can find some of my favourite body care products to help keep skin soft, silky and super smooth this Winter.

Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle – £8.00

I began using this a few weeks ago after finding 2 bottles of it in my stash of unused products. Turns out Sanctuary kindly sent me a bottle several months ago and I’d also purchased it when it first launched so now I have more than enough to keep me going.

The Moisture Miracle is applied to soaking wet skin straight from the shower, massaged in and then towel dried. I guess it’s basically a body moisturiser that you don’t have to wait until you’ve dried off before you apply it. It leaves skin feeling hydrated, soft and smelling beautiful too.

The Body Shop Body Yoghurt – £8.50

Much like the Sanctuary Moisture Miracle, This Body Shop Yoghurt is applied directly onto wet skin and works in pretty much the same way.

The only difference is that the Yoghurt is ever so slightly thicker than the Moisture Miracle so I tend to use this when my skin is a little drier (normally after fake tanning) and needs a little more nourishment than normal.

I have the Strawberry scent and it smells absolutely gorgeous. I’ve put a few other scents on my Christmas list so hopefully Santa will be bringing me those too!

Child’s Farm Baby Moisturiser – £4.49

To some people this may seem like a strange product to have on this list but to others it’ll already make perfect sense. Some of you would have seen this all over the internet previously for the same reasons I’m going to talk about. This product works miracles.

I’ve suffered from psoriasis for as long as I can remember and it’s always been the most irritating skin related issue I’ve had to deal with. Over the years I’ve tried countless remedies. Whether it be prescribed or recommended by medical professionals, a home remedy or hear say on the internet, absolutely nothing has worked well enough. Until now.

Another blogger posted an article about this Child’s Farm Baby Moisturiser, saying how it had cleared up her eczema and was the best thing she’d ever used. I simply thought ‘what harm could it do?’ whilst extremely sceptical that it would work but low and behold, after only 2 days of using it morning and night, I began noticing a difference.

It’s helped to soothe any itchiness that occurs and definitely makes the skin less scaly and  flaky. Anybody that suffers from a skin condition such an eczema or psoriasis, you need to give this a go!

What’s In It For Me? Shower Scrub – £7.00

What’s In It For Me? kindly sent me this Shower Scrub several months ago and I’ve been obsessed with it since the moment it arrived through my door.

This scrub contains walnut shell for natural exfoliation, almond oil for rejuvenation and orange and jasmine flower extract to give a light floral scent. Gritty but not harsh on the skin, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and smelling beautiful.

There we have my favourite body care products to use throughout the Winter. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that Blogmas is getting you as festive as I am.

Thank you so much for reading as always.

Love & Lipstick,

Georgia x