Blogmas ~ DAY 11 ~ Fizzia – My New Favourite Handmade Bath Treat Business


When Fizzia contacted me asking if I’d like to try some products and share my thoughts on them, I was so excited for multiple reasons. Firstly, Fizzia was founded in Weston Super-Mare, a city very close to home for me. I also love a good relaxing soak in the tub so any form of bath treat makes me happy the second it arrives through my door.

Fizzia focusses on creating beautiful handmade products that are kind to animals, completely vegan and environmentally friendly too. So many brands use excessive amounts of packaging that is so harmful to both the planet and animals around us so it’s really refreshing to see a brand striving for change and wanting to use less plastic and more planet-friendly packaging. Well done Fizzia, I think you’re doing fab!

Shine On Shampoo Bar – £3.95

A shampoo bar? I was wondering this too. As somebody who’s always been used to using liquid shampoo found in plastic squeezy bottles, a ‘shampoo bar’ sounded completely alien to me. I suppose my main worry was that it wouldn’t foam up enough to wash my stupidly thick mane but boy, I was so wrong.

This nifty little solid disc only needs the tiniest bit of water to be activated into a bubbly dream. I personally find that this bar actually foams up more than my normal shampoo which surprised me massively.

The best part? It leaves your hair looking and feeling incredible. The clue is in the name – ‘Shine On.’ If you want gorgeous glossy locks, this shampoo bar is the one for you.

Homemade Bath Bombs – £2.50/£2.95

It’s safe to say I’ve always been a sucker for a bath bomb and always will be. There’s something so fascinating and mesmerising about watching a bath bomb fizzle away whilst you’re soaking in the tub. Just me? Surely not.

You’ve only got to look at the different designs online to see how incredible the bath bombs are. The details on them are so intricate and perfected – they’re absolutely beautiful.

The bath bombs fizzle away quickly and completely fill the bathroom with their scent whether that be exotic coconut, fresh florals or another one of their wide range of scents.

Bath Creamer Cupcake – £2.50

These little cupcakes pack one hell of a punch for their size and smell absolutely bloody beautiful. As soon as I took the little packet out of the parcel when it arrived through my door, I could smell it through the plastic cellophane and couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

The creamer cupcake was the first product I tried out of the three and it didn’t disappoint. Infused with shea and cocoa butter, it left my skin feeling super softy and silky smooth.

For only £2.50, a few of these make perfect stocking fillers and they’ll leave your living room smelling incredible too.

Overall, Fizzia products have blown my mind to say the least. All three products that I put to the test left my skin and hair feeling wonderful, didn’t irritate my skin whatsoever and left the most beautiful scent. I can confidently say I’ll be buying more from this fab little brand and will be purchasing some Christmas gifts from them for sure.

A massive thank you to the team for sending over these goodies and introducing me to the amazing world of Fizzia.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

Love & Lipstick,

Georgia x