BLOGMAS DAY 10 – 5 Things About Bloggers That You Didn’t Know


I’ve seen quite a few posts like this recently and find them so interesting to read. Even some things crop up that not even I knew and i’m a blogger myself! I think it’s always fun to have an insight into other people’s hobbies and interests which is why I’ve decided to sit down and write this post. Recently, there’s a been a lot of hate and stigma around bloggers (mainly because magazines hate the fact that people no longer buy them and instead read reviews and posts online – jealousy if you ask me!) but that of course doesn’t stop us bloggers and instead, makes us want to post even more.

So for those interested, here’s a little insight into the blogging lifestyle.

  • We very rarely write a blog post on the day that it’s published!

That’s right, funnily enough our blog posts are very rarely written and published on the same day. My posts are normally scheduled for about 3-4 weeks prior to them going live because I simply don’t have time to sit down and write something to publish on the same day. There are also days when we’re poorly so can’t sit at our laptops, life gets in the way so we’re not able to pick up our laptops in the first place or we simply just don’t have the motivation so won’t even so much as look at our laptops. On those days, a scheduled post will have to do.

  • Our ‘blog ideas’ lists vary from being massive to non-existent

We might have a long list but that doesn’t necessarily mean we follow it. I’ve got blog ‘ideas’ that I’ve had on the list for about six bloody months but still haven’t found the willpower or time to type it up. Some posts are super time consuming and we simply don’t have enough hours in the day to squeeze writing it in. Yet sometimes we can’t even think of one simple little thing to write and we’re sat staring at a note book for a good hour trying to plan something remotely interesting for our readers.

  • Getting ‘freebies’ takes a lot of hard work

This is the fact that I think most people have a false assumption on. Bloggers don’t literally just get sent a shit tonne of free stuff simply for writing one post and having ‘blogger’ in their Instagram bio. No, it takes a LONG time and endless, copious amounts of hard graft. I think it was about a year after starting my beauty Instagram account and my blog before I was contacted by a company about PR so thats proof in itself, you have to work hard!

  • It’s a much more expensive hobby than you think

It is a great feeling when a company puts you on their PR list because it does save us money! I get requests quite often from people who ask me to review certain products, new releases, hyped about products etc and you’re calculating it all in your head trying to figure how much this one specific blog post is going to break the bank. It’s also so important to have a decent camera! I got nowhere and had pretty much no views or readers until I invested in a good quality camera.

  • As a blogger, you’re CONSTANTLY on social media

Your friends, family, partner and probably even pets get pissed off about it but unfortunately for them, tough shit. As a blogger, social media is your biggest platform for an audience and they have to learn to deal with it. On my way to work, lunch break, on my way home from work and constantly in my spare time I’m replying to comments, answering questions, posting on Instagram, sharing my blog link on Twitter, the list goes on..but it’s so bloody important that you can’t have a problem with it. If you want to succeed and for people to notice you, you HAVE to be as active as possible on social media. Sorry loved ones, this is important to us bloggers!

There we have it, 5 things about bloggers you didn’t know (well you might have, but hey ho!) so I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. If you’re a fellow blogger, are there any things you do, any secrets you have that haven’t been mentioned in this post? Let me know in the comments section below, I’d love to hear all about them!

Until next time,

Georgia x