Blogmas ~ DAY 1 ~ How To Properly Take Care Of Your Hair This Winter ~ Top 3 Tips


Whilst I’m writing this post tucked up in bed wearing my fluffy socks, sipping a hot chocolate and listening to the rain tapping at my window, it well and truly feels like winter has struck. Some might argue that we’re still in the depths of Autumn but to me, as soon as bonfire night is over and done with, it feels like Winter is upon us.

The mornings have gotten darker and the nights have gotten colder which means another change has occurred too. My hair has gotten more dehydrated. I know, wonderful, right? I’m sure it’s not just me that has a temperamental lions mane so I thought I’d share my top tips for keeping those locks looking and feeling beautifully silky all Winter long.

Use Protein Infused Products

For those who weren’t aware, yep they exist. Think protein shake for your hair. It’s designed to create strength and from my personal experience, the right products sure do work. I’m not one to deny that the haircare aisles within Boots or Superdrug can be a daunting and overwhelming place because let’s be real, there’s definitely too much choice. So here are a few suggestions for you! I have personally used and love all of these products so recommend them 100%.

Charles Worthington – Grow Strong 

I was kindly sent the Grow Strong range from Love Me Beauty several months ago and have used all 3 products religiously ever since. The shampoo and conditioner in particular have become absolute staples within my haircare routine and I’ve noticed such a huge difference since using them. My hair no longer snaps off every time I wash or brush it and looks so much shinier due to less breakage and split ends!

Roots Sensitive Care 

I wrote a full blog post reviewing Roots products a while back and still to this day, that post remains my most popular post of all. I still have regular comments asking questions about the products which I absolutely love! You can find my full review here.

Heat Protectants Are Still Important (Even In Winter!)

I know, I know, the sun has well and truly gone into hiding and with Winter closing in, it sometimes doesn’t seem obvious that we should continue to use protectants on our hair. However, we do! Most of us will use heated styling tools on a daily basis and without the correct preparation, they can damage the hair horrifically! I swear by one heat protectant and one heat protectant only. This is the Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer.

So, what exactly is it?

Great question! It’s basically what the name implies. This incredible product hydrates, primes, protects and leaves hair feeling and smelling absolutely beautiful. It’s the best all-rounder haircare product I think I’ve ever used and I can’t live without it.

Don’t get me wrong, the steep price point scared me a little at first too but it’s 100% worth the splurge and should definitely be a ‘treat yo self’ kinda product because it’s upped my haircare game massively. Plus, it lasts bloody ages too so you won’t be replacing it constantly.

Invest In A Wet Brush Or Tangle Teezer

As stupid as it sounds, your hairbrush plays a huge part in the condition of your lovely locks so make sure you get a good one! Since switching over to using a Wet Brush I’ve noticed how much less my hair is splitting and snapping off. I bought mine at Tkmaxx and it was one of my best purchases ever. I can’t recommend them enough!

There we have my top 3 tips for keeping hair looking and feeling incredible this Winter! I hope you’ve enjoyed day 1 of Blogmas and I can’t wait to share the next 24 days with you all.

Love as always,

Georgia x