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Happy Monday everybody! Hope you’re all well and had a lovely weekend.

Today’s post is a little different but one that I am super excited to have created and be publishing for you guys. I was approached last October by a company called The Blogger Crowd who work to link brands and influencers together and they asked if I would be interested in working with a new brand called Adorli. After some research and being provided further information about the brand, I was so excited to accept their offer and begin working with this fabulous new brand that will be launching shortly after this post goes live.

Who are Adorli?

Adorli is a new beauty marketplace who only sell brands that are 100% cruelty-free, organic and completely natural. The brand ethos is to celebrate individual beauty which is something that I’ve always believed and encouraged so much myself.

Adorli believe that purely natural products made with passion and care can cater and be suitable for people worldwide with any diverse beauty need.

You can find their brand new website here and sign up for early access to the site.

What does individuality in beauty mean to me?

To me, make-up is whatever you make it. It’s a form of art and in the end it always fits which is why I love it! Make-up is to be experimented with and is different for every single person so individuality is a massive thing for me.

For me, make-up is also the way that I express myself. You can always tell if I’m feeling fierce as I’ll either be rocking a bright red lip or an intense smoky eye. Any glam night out is accompanied with glitter for that extra added touch of sparkle.

I see make-up as my way of creating that ‘stand out in a crowd’ look, no matter crowd that may be.

What does individuality within beauty mean to you? Let me know in the comments section as I’d love to hear what it means to everybody else.


What brands will be available through Adorli?

XO Balm:

XO balm is a 100% natural treatment designed to help with dry, irritated or rough areas of skin. Their company business plan is created around consideration for economic, environmental and social sustainability. They consistently work alongside many local UK businesses and give on-going support to the charity ‘Give Bees A Chance’ – an organisation who work to help the bee population.

Their multi-purpose balm is creamy in texture and delivers instant hydration, leaves a protective barrier with a matte finish that will nourish and strengthen and is also fragrance and preservative-free too which means that it’s suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.

Luna Kloris:

This is one of the brands on the Adorli marketplace that caught my eye the most as I’m a sucker for the type of product that they create – luxury facial oil.

Luna Kloris was founded by health enthusiast Sahar who believes that with skin being the biggest organ of the whole body and constantly absorbing whatever we put onto it, it’s important to provide your body with a pure and natural ingredient to keep it as healthy as possible. I completely agree with this philosophy! People are so focussed on eating healthy and exercising but often forget about how important it is to have healthy skin too.

Sahar has always been influenced and inspired by ancient beauty secrets of Japanese women and after intensive skincare research, has designed a silky smooth face oil called ‘Go For The Glow’ that is made up of 100% natural ingredients and is packed with antioxidants and vitamins to help achieve that gorgeous healthy glow that we all very much want.

Maggie Ann Nail Varnish:

Maggie Ann is a UK vegan brand founded here in the UK and they create gel effect, cruelty-free nail polishes without any of the typical nasty chemicals within them.

With a carefully designed and precise brush for application, this gel effect varnish will leave you with streak-free, beautifully shiny nails for 5-7 days.

Not only do they create varnishes but they also offer 3 scented nail varnish removers in strawberry and grape, blueberry and pomegranate and lemon and lime.

Ezàpè Naturals:

Ezàpè Naturals create 100% natural skincare products that are packed with certified organic, nutrient-rich and unrefined ingredients that are suitable for the most dry and sensitive of skins. They consistently work to reduce their carbon footprint and are committed to helping our wonderful little planet.

I particularly love the look of their chamomile balm as anything with chamomile wins my heart! It relaxes me, helps me sleep and smells absolutely gorgeous. This balm contains anti-inflammatory ingredients which means that it’s an ideal product for irritated and dry areas of skin.

There are just a few of the brands that will be available through the brand new Adorli site! Each and every brand have incredible values and something so individual about each of them that they deserve all the support and love in the world.

Make sure you follow the link to sign up for early access to the site! Here it is again if you missed it.

Also make sure to give them a follow on social media to keep up to date with what they’re up to!

Find their Instagram here and find their Facebook here. 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’re as excited about the Adorli launch as I am!

Until next time,

Georgia x